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The Chances Floyd and Manny Pacquiao Will Fight Amir Khan after 2nd May


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Boxing is big news for quite a number of youngsters around the world. It has an ancient origin, thus becoming popular among people of all ages. Boxing is all about who has the fastest hand speed, footwork and the smartest mind.

The boxing legend Amir khan has again proven himself to be the biggest draw in the sport, by defeating Alexander in front of a partisan crowd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday night. In this fight, he demonstrated his strength, poise, balance and maturity. Khan has said that now he is aiming to come across a career-defining fight against Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather.

After his fight with Alexander, Amir Khan stated:

“I really believe I’ve earned my shot against the best boxer in the world, and that’s Floyd Mayweather. We will come back here and take the belt. I want my chance,” “Floyd Mayweather is the ideal fight for me. I think he is the best pound-for-pound boxer, and it would be a game of chess, but against Mayweather I would be too skillful. I have the skill and movement to beat him.”

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are undoubtedly the best fighters in the boxing world. The two boxers are anticipating facing each other on 2nd May, if it happens, it will certainly be the most exciting fight in boxing history. Keeping this in mind, is Khan taking a risk that could have a huge impact for his career? Amir Khan’s past coach, Freddie Roach, thinks that given the chance he can shock the world.

He said:

“I always thought Amir had the talent to beat someone like Mayweather. I think it’s a very good fight for Amir. I give him a very good chance to win that fight. He’s fast, he’s athletic. He’s a pretty good puncher, not a great puncher. He has all the abilities in the world.”

According to a source revealed a few days back, Khan refused the chance to face Pacquiao last year, but that was a decision forced on him by contractual obligations from which he is now free. He is hopeful of getting the chance to step into the ring against the Philippine boxer to know where he stands.

On the other hand, Mayweather had said on Friday that he was looking forward to a fight against the most popular fighter in the boxing world, Pacquiao, who is also a Congressman in his country. If both the fighters agree the terms with each other, we will see them in the ring together very soon. Meanwhile, Khan could be set for a potential fight against Briton Kell Brook, at Wembley Stadium.

Let’s see what will happen!

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