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Correct Score Trading Leicester v Birmingham


Leicester City v Birmingham City Correct Score Trade

The 1×2 market doesn’t look quite right to me in this game, especially when looking at respective home and away form:

Looking at that you would expect the home side to be above 2.0?

Perhaps we need to look at the home and away form, OK then:

So perhaps 2.0 would be too short then, may be 2.6 is more realistic?

Best take a look at the Betfair market:

Dear oh dear maybe the market is confusing Leicester with Liverpool?

Now I have been wrong on many occasions so Leicester could end up winning 5-0 but looking at the way they have been playing recently, especially at home it doesn’t look likely.

If Birmingham can silence the crowd by scoring 1st it will be very difficult for Leicester, I witnessed this when they played Leeds, the crowd turned on the team as soon as Leeds scored and it took a 94th minute equaliser to get them back on side. They are a very unhappy bunch of fans at the moment.

Anyway when the market looks like this it can pay to have a neutral view and that is what I am going to do by going with the following to start with:

Looks fairly safe and should enable me to move around a bit.

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