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Lamont Peterson v Kendall Holt (3am UK Time – Saturday Morning)


Lamont Peterson v Kendall Holt (3am UK Time)

The early hours of the morning will see the return of Lamont Peterson, pilule the man who handed Amir Khan his second career defeat back in December of 2010, cialis 40mg a 14 months absence since that fight after his re-match with Khan which was scheduled back in May of last year was called off after Peterson tested positive for banned substance (synthetic testosterone), more about however Kendall Holt is also returning from a lengthy layoff, it has been 11 months since we last saw him in a ring and this is due to surgery on his right shoulder, a niggling injury which has been persisting him for years but now he says it feels as good as ever but then again you are not going to go into a fight without saying something like that whether it be true or not.

Lamont Peterson’s win over Khan was his 30 career win from 32 bouts, he lost to Timothy Bradley back in 2009 and then two fights later ended up drawing with Victor Ortiz, from his 30 wins he only has a 50% knock out ratio with 15 KO’s however three of his last four victories have come via a KO. I am not going to sit here and say that he has been beating top notch fighters because the facts are there and he has not! Khan was his biggest name scalp, a draw against Ortiz was not the worst result and he only lost to Bradley on points and the we all know what the WBO Welterweight champ done to Pacman last year so no disgrace in that either but the majority of who has beat are not the greatest of boxers.

I guess the main question about Kendall Holt is how his shoulder will stand up to things after surgery, lets face it, it is going to get a proper workout for this fight and we will soon find out whether Holt was trying to cover up that fact it is not quite there yet or whether he was infact telling the truth and it is better than ever. Before his injury Holt was not in the greatest form of his career, 3 wins and 3 defeats in his last six fights, he has won 28 of his 33 fights with 16 by KO and then has lost 5 with 3 of them in his last 6 fights so maybe his should injury has been hampering him a bit more than we imagine over his recent fights. He too lost to Timothy Bradley on points in 2009 and there was not much in it, when Bradley beat Peterson the judges had Bradley 8, 11 & 13 points up but when Bradley beat Holt it was just 4, 2 & 4 points up and Holt was the first man to put Bradley down after catching him in the first round.

Peterson has a lot a making up to do after his recent bad press, both are returning from lengthy spells out of the ring and both will be looking to make an impact. Peterson has never been knocked out, his only defeat was on points, however against Khan he was done in the 1st, against Ortiz he was down twice in the 3rd and against Bradley he was down in the 3rd so he gets caught early on. Holt on the other hand had his opponent on the canvas four times in the first 2 rounds in his last fight and he also put Julio Diaz down in the third. This can go two ways for me, Peterson is prone to getting caught earlier and if Holt catches him he could end it early but if he doesn’t then I see this going the distance and in Peterson’s favour.

I will be dutching these bets with a split of 8.65%/91.35% which will give you a return of 164.4% if either of them comes in. For example a £100 stake which be £8.65 on the first and £91.35 on the second which would return £164.42 if either came in which is a profit of £64.42.

Bet 1: Kendall Holt to win Rounds 1-3 @ 18/1 (PaddyPower)
Bet 2: Lamont Peterson by Decision or Technical Decision @ 4/5 (StanJames)

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  1. Well that did not go to plan! Peterson was slow to get going but Holt did not punish him for this which was rather disappointing, Peterson then picked up and got on top before the referee rightly stopped the fight in the 8th round with Holt taking too many punches.

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