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Lance Armstrong Further Fall Out:


The USADA case file has now settled, the experts have had a read, sections have been discussed and divulged. And the the shock waves are starting to take effect.

Lance as of today is now no longer associated with Nike, they dropped them, both are as bad as each other in my view. Lance for denying and refusing to acknowledge the truth. Nike meanwhile stuck with him even after the report till it realised keeping him on wouldn’t shift the Nike embroiled gear it thought it would. Nike has also in the past week been accused of been part of the cover up. Accused of passing a bribe/payment to the UCI on his behalf. In the same week IOC announced a deal with Nike for next 4years its good to see ethics don’t matter so much in sport.

The problem is not just Nike and Lance its much higher, the associations that run sports are more about lining the peoples pockets who run them than the good of the sport. The UCI needs a clean out, get the rubber gloves out get a good cloth and scrub. The men running FIFA, UCI and many others are criticised daily as conmen and clowns yet continue to be on top running the sport. They are in my view just as guilty as the dopers.

A few of the younger riders have described their experience in cycling with drugs that are legal under the rules. Use of pain killers that are legal is prominent with some teams or riders. Some blame race schedules team pressures etc. A solution could be larger squad sizes to fill race rosters, or perhaps smaller rosters for races. The calendar is seeing the loss of races in Europe so the race schedule hasn’t increased from the past, but at same time Athletes are not the pill poppers we saw in the pre 80s or the blood doping merchants of the post 90s, we are currently witnessing the cleanest cycling has been since the turn of the War. Yes their will always be those looking to take the risks, but i think that exists in any sport were so much is put on stamina and endurance.

It should also be noted that out of drug investigations in Italy and Spain a number of tennis and football stars have been linked to these investigation but these players were not taken to account for this. Blood doping in tennis and football would likely cut recovery time and enable them to play longer and harder than if they hadn’t. Yes you still need talent but the boost is something the body could not do itself.

Hoping this has show that while Lance deserves a little bit of harsh words, his behaviour towards anyone who crossed him or got to his head was that of guilty man. But also those that stuck with him and were not brave enough to stand up against him are just as bad for been gutless. In all this don’t forget Johan Bruynell a man who had little concern for the health of his riders, US Postal became a case of doping better than anyone else, the level playing field only exists in a natural environment. To take a pun from the business world, this doping war became a race to the bottom.
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