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NFL Gifs Week 17 Best of Final Week


NFL Gifs Week 17

So its with regret that we see the last week of the NFL regular season go by and by good did it leave us nerve ridden and giddy as hell what an exciting season and a great year of NFL once again roll on the play offs now next week. So heres our NFL Gifs Week 17 enjoy.

It took this play in Chicago to get the Packers to the post season as Rodgers came back to save his team once again after a few weeks out of action. The Bears missed tilman badly and their defence lets down a superb offence.

The Bucs coaching has been a mess for most of the season depite some good talent on the roster this trick play summed up some of the play calling we have witnessed from Schiano this year who looks like he wants a sacking.

The Packers also had luck on a play called a fumble but which most of the field felt was an incomplete pass, my only feeling is how much I hate that in the NFL a fumble can be advanced by another player for a touchdown score this play says it all really.

NFL Gifs Week 17

The 49ers match up with the Cardinals proved a tight game down to the wire but the Cardinals had the nicest socks on the night as shown below.

The Panthers hit the post season with a serious 3 pronged running attack. Newton is always a threat with his feet while Williams is getting his game going in the second half of the season. Meanwhile Tobert built like a brick shit house just likes to run over people and is a serious threat on short yardage downs.

And last but not least guys. Don’t ever hit the ref ever. I don’t think the lions are even that stupid.



NFL Gifs Week 17

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