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NFL Week 12 – How the actions went in GIFs


Currently watching Denver Broncos pull ahead of the Patriots off a 3 turnover first quarter its being just insane.


NFL Week 12 Gifs

In the Packers game we had a rare one as the Packers comeback wasn’t enough as each team hit two field goals in overtime before both teams failed on the sudden death drives to score before time ran out. Matt Flynn finished the game for the Packers and looked a little more composed than the man he replaced Tolzien who did have a moment of magic in the game.


The late Sky Sports game was an interesting one as the Giants Hosted the Cowboys. Romo had one of his solid nights as he figured out late in the game that Bryant is by far his best target. They took the game on a field goal, once Lee comes back they will be a team to be feared. The game went down to a field goal due to some silly defending by the Cowboys who forgot to touch down Giants Myers who has been a pretty quiet tight end this season with a rare touchdown.

On a funny note I had the displeasure of watching a poor Jets game against the Ravens it really wasn’t much to write home about. Highlight of the night for the Jets as a scoring threat came from them running the wildcat for a little bit. Most notable was the moment Cribbs completed a pass to quarter back Smith, a job that could well be up for grabs.

The Chargers had themselves a big match as they had to face the Chiefs. The Chargers have been frustrating at times, theirs talent on rosters but their far from a complete package. However their offence torched the Chiefs obviously Peyton showed them a thing or two to help them out. Rivers has been using all sorts of targets. This long play was a first touchdown in the NFL for the young man Green as it went for 60 yards to put the Chargers back ahead it would take another touchdown to put the Chiefs away.

I mentioned in my blog during the week without actually tipping them that the Steelers are starting to come good and the offence and defence looked solid today as we basically shut down the Browns except for allowed Josh Gordon to torch us for over 200 yards yet we allowed just a single touchdown. The Browns had issues at quarterback and Campbell went down early making the issue worse. I liked Weeden in college but he is not set out for the pro game. You know when Gay has read you like a book and undercuts your pass that its time to reconsider your profession as an NFL quarterback.

In that same game the all round lynch pin that is number seven big Ben Roethlisberger decided it would be best to avoid a pass attempt on 4th and took over the punting duties with a lovely kick to the 1 yard line. The signs are good right now for the Steelers actually pushing for a play off spots next week is key as we face the Ravens.

One game I had as a possible upset was the Bucs (10/3) travelling to the Lions. Steelers last week found their way past the Lions who are getting less from Bush now and leaning a lot on star man Calvin Johnson. The Bucs are getting their act together after some insane poor coaching had a talented roster held back for most of the season. Glennon has settled well and is proving doubters such as myself that he may have something to offer the league. The Bucs love a deep pass at times and he seems to be able offer that with this bomb to Underwood that went for 80yds. With Williams out Underwood has filled in well in his absence.

One thing I felt needed clearing was a fight from the Rams game against the Bears. A came were the talented Long brothers faced off. A horrible face mask to a Rams player kicked off a big of a fight. Long of the Rams came in to pull his brother on the Bears side away from the fight. A lot of the tv coverage had it down as two brothers getting stuck into each other like old times but for the clear eye it can be seen that Chris Long is looking after his brother and keeping him out of trouble. On a side note the Rams were really impressive putting away a big win in the game.

Last but not least from the game that the Broncos are leading 24 nil in. This was the best and first of the three turnovers in the opening quarter on the night and the Broncos are loving the control of the game they are getting now. Its been the back up offence pitching in with  Tamme one of three fill in tight ends getting a touchdown off a lovely Peyton pass.

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