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NFL Wildcard Play offs Saturday Betting


NFL Wildcard Play offs Saturday Betting Preview

So the NFL Wilcard Play offs hit us from just after 9pm tonight and I am going pick out a few bets to take our interest this evening.

9.35pm Skysports 1Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts

This is going be a close one, the Chiefs kicked off the season flying but got found out bit more as season went on while the Colts came out of their easier division in good order and took a home advantage but they are a side with a 4-0 record this season against play off teams. The Chiefs are 0-5 against play off teams. These teams played each other in week 16 so its a quick repeat match up. The Chiefs have been waiting since 1993 for a play off win.

In week 16 the Colts defence showed up big time locking down the Chiefs in their own house. Luck leads an iffy offence carrying them on his back while Mathis does his part for the defence. Alex Smith needs to get it back right again and use what I believe is the most potent running back in the NFL Jamaal Charles. The Chiefs defence is very good at making turnovers on face Luck is good at not causing turnovers but he does throw some risky passes. Passing will be best way to get past the Chiefs I believe and not with the run game. Injuries have hurt the Chiefs unit a bit

NFL Wildcard Play offs the NFL Wildcard Play offs

Luck is breaking records in just his second season

TY Hilton has filled in well for Wayne who is no doubt been missed the Chiefs would kill for either of those receivers. Charles led the receiving for the Chiefs as no one got near the 800 yd mark just 50yds per game. Wayne has 500 yards in his short season and Hilton and others have stepped up to ensure Luck has targets to throw at. Theirs no doubting now that the Colts took the right man at number 1 two years ago. Dwayne Bowe really needs to set up when it counts here he has been very hit and miss again this season despite the up turn in form for the team in making the NFL Wildcard Play offs.

Colts to beat the Chiefs 11/10 various

Its always hard to oppose the Chiefs when their defence is firing but this is a difficult road game in conditions that will suit the Colts on their own pitch and Luck just impresses me every time I see him. He seems to find a new best friend each week it was Hilton last week he has used others for big nights too and a lot will depend on how Chiefs set up and he can exploit it I am expecting a big night from him through the air. The loss of Fisher and the likely limited fitness of Hali will prove a big help to Colt hopes.

Andrew Luck over240.5 yards passing 10/11 skybet

The Colts break off some big plays and a Chiefs defence considered stingy in the first half of the season has begun to part like the NIle at the business end of the season. The allowed just under 28pts per game in their last 7 games of the season. The Colts come in having scored 78pts in their final 3 games of season. Lets not forget that both the Broncos and Seahawks came here and lost.

Colts over23.5pts 10/11 betvictor

or Colts over24.5pts 2.12 pinnacle

Enjoy the NFL Wildcard Play offs live on Sky Sports tonight.

1.10 am Sky Sports 1New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles

The second of Saturdays NFL Wilcard Play offs as the Saint travel to the east coast to face the Eagles. Brees has a ring but he wants more but faces a stern test with Nick Foles leading the eagles off a season of the highest passer rating in the league and the leagues leading rusher in the NFL McCoy. Chip Kelly hasn’t changed he does things quicky and scoring points has been key to them doing well.

Jimmy Graham has been key part in Brees passing 5,000 yards again but he has at times looked human. Watch out out for Stills who has come alive in the second half of the season as has Colston.  Cooper and Jackson carry the receiving attack of the eagles.  Their is lots of debate on how the Saints do on road. Their record is ok overall going back, but this season performances just look so poor especially outdoors. Add to that the long losing streak in road play off games and the edge is with the Eagle.

Nick Foles is a league leader for passer rating

I like how the Eagles can scheme and keep a defence on the field it can be pretty difficult to make subs while their on the field. Some of the numbers on defence for Eagles deceive they can be quiet good at times and make key plays and that gives up plays too. The Saints defence is similar it can scheme quiet well at times not giving them the time to let Ryan counter the Eagles will be a big help on the night. The real difference could be McCoy in this the Saints don’t have one reliable runner to lean on and sometimes over use the pass that it cost them against the Patriots this season.

Eagles -3pts to beat Saints 1.952 pinnacle

I thought Brees was worth looking at for passing yards but with the lines a bit above 300 yards its best left alone considering the conditions are not exactly what he has played best in. However I like the point and think the Eagles can continue to put up points at the very least with the mix of McCoy and Foles great game play. In the run in they have been averaging over 33 points so their more than capable of it. McCoy line is 135 for all purpose yards.

Eagles over27.5 points 1.895 pinnacle

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