We are a group of Sports Betting Enthusiasts.

Gamblers!? I hear you cry. Well, yes and no. You can take the gamble out of betting when making considered judgments on events and this is what the members of Sports Betting Bloggers Columns do.

We are a bunch of enthusiasts from as far apart as the UK to Australia who have known each other for many years from online interaction. We each have previously run personal blogs on our various interests and have come together with a view to providing a broad range of sports betting knowledge in varying sports and with many different betting styles, from backing, laying and trading approaches.

We believe we have a pool of knowledge and an ability to provide interesting, thought-provoking and profitable information and advice, and will do so on a very much free to air basis.

We are open to hear your views so leave a comment or if you want to get involved further then why not do a Guest Post on the site, everyone is welcome!

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