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Pre Match Trading Football


Pre Match Trading Football Matches for Profit

Making money before a ball is even kicked is my type of trading!

What more could you ask for than gaining profit without the risk of a goal being scored by the wrong side?

Getting involved in a trade before a game kicks off can be a relatively stress free  type of trade, it does however still carry the risk that you could lose money and is certainly not the “golden goose” that so many people are searching for.

There are various markets that can prove to be profitable if traded before kick off, Match Odds, Over/Unders and Correct Scores.

I tend to focus mainly on the Match Odds as these markets have the most liquidity and I am also able to use more of my indicators to assess possible movements.

There are lots of indicators, some are freely available and some are paid for.

Odds Checker or similar –  a basic indicator as to which way the odds are moving by comparing the various bookmakers odds.

If all of the bookmakers are shortening their price on 1 team that is a pretty good indicator that the price could shorten further.

I always need more confirmation than this though and subscribe to Prematch Trading

This is an excellent tool that can be used to asses prices in various markets, it also identifies miss alignments in prices between match odds, over/unders and correct scores.

Another basic element to this type of trading is to try and “think like a casual punter” a lot of punters follow the crowd so popular teams like Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool usually get well supported, provided that you can take a position in front of the crowd you will be in with a chance of catching a bit of a “steam”.

I do however like to take the “opposite view” approach to some of the masses by opposing the shorter priced sides, this can be very profitable, it can also be costly if you get it wrong as tick sizes are quite large.

Quite often the masses just keep backing the favourite, especially when it is one of the popular sides, this can lead to the under dog being value and eventually the market catches onto this and the price corrects itself.

They don’t always go right though, sometimes the market can turn against you:

Getting it right Getting it wrong Got this one wrong Taking on Man Utd at home!

With these trades I often get involved very early, sometimes a week in advance of the game, pretty much acting as market maker.

This one went very well This one was OK

There are other things that can have a huge effect on the price of a team, the main one is “team news” we saw a great example of that this week in the Barcelona v Bayern Munich game, Barcelona were favourites and had been backed into 1.79, when news broke that Messi was not playing their price drifted right out to 2.36, this was a serious drift and emphasises how important some players are to certain teams.

Once I have managed to make a profit I can either “green up” across all outcomes  or I can take the “green” in play to use along side another trade.

There are some decent profits to be made by trading pre kick off, why not give it a go and let me know how you get on?

Also I am always happy to answer any questions that you may have.


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The majority of my betting is actually trading as this is an area where I appear to have the most success, my Sports of choice for trading are Football and Horses. Have learnt and continue to learn the art of being patient in the markets waiting for the opportunities to come to you and not betting/trading for the sake of it, there is always another day and another opportunity just around the corner. Hopefully I will be able to pass on some words of wisdom and I am ALWAYS open to receiving some.

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