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Pre Match Trading For Green


Something that all football traders should look at is trading pre match to try and secure free green that can be used to support other in play trades.

This is something that I have been doing for a while now and is certainly not anything new.

I like to get involved in the main match odds markets and look for the underdogs price to be “out of line” with what it should be, pilule I use various methods to check this such checking the exchange odds with the main bookmakers odds and also look at the trading history and weight of money.

It is not dissimilar to trading horses pre the off but it does have a major difference in terms of how long it can take to get your money matched on both sides of the book (it can take forever to get reasonable amounts of money matched). This of course depends on when you start to get involved in the market, viagra dosage I can get involved up to 10 or 12 hours before kick off and stay involved until just before the ref blow the whistle to get the game underway.

As with most backing and laying it is important to try to get your money at the front of the queue, adiposity preferably on both sides although this is not always possible.

Using software such as Bet Angel Pro can make life a lot easier as you can use offset betting that fires orders into the market on the opposite side of the book once you have your original bet matched. I have various set ups that I use.

You can of course recycle the money as many times over as you feel comfortable with provided that the market is still “out of sinc”

What you do with with the free green is up to you, it can be used for other trading strategies or you can simply equalise the profit so you win whatever the final result is.

Have a go and see how you get on.





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The majority of my betting is actually trading as this is an area where I appear to have the most success, my Sports of choice for trading are Football and Horses. Have learnt and continue to learn the art of being patient in the markets waiting for the opportunities to come to you and not betting/trading for the sake of it, there is always another day and another opportunity just around the corner. Hopefully I will be able to pass on some words of wisdom and I am ALWAYS open to receiving some.

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