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2013 Tirreno – Adriatico (6/3/13 to 12/3/13 ) 2.WT1 – Channel live on Eurosport


Tirreno – Adriatico: Italy Stage Race

Big race from Italy for racing fans as one of strongest fields assembles for Italy’s only week-long stage race.

There will be 4 stages that decide a race that for the last 4 years has seen winners being a combination of good climbers and a solid TT.  Scarponi, Garzelli,  Evans and last season Nibali. A super-strong line up comes out for this.

Contador (5/2) attacked and showed strength but came up short in Oman, may well take time out of Froome in the team time trial. Froome (4.5) beat him in Oman but now faces a Contador that will likely have got stronger and as mentioned his Sky team doesn’t contain usual strong TT line-up.  Evans (8) won two years back and has won a bit outside of the tour of late. He will do well in team but always lets a little down out of season in a TT.

Outright Bets;

3pts Contador 5/2 bet352, hills

1pt Froome 7/2 sportingbet betvic, paddys

Hard to look past Contador

Outright Matchbets:

3pt Castroviejo to beat Poels  7/5 bet365

3pts Slagter to beat Cunego 3/4 bet365 (1.83 pinnacle)

2pts Nibali to beat C.Evans evens bet365 (2.33 pinnacle)

2pts T.Martin to beat Kwiatowski 3/4 bet365 (1.89 pinnacle)

4pts Mollema to beat Kwiatowski 11/20 sportingbet

7pts Nocentini to beat t.martin 4/7 sportingbet

3pts Moser to beat Saagan 2/5 sportingbet

1pt Nocentini to beat Mollema evens bet365 (2.15 pinnacle)

1pt Uran to beat Kreuizger 9/20 bet365 (1.56 pinnacle)

3pt Castroviejo to beat Poels  7/5 bet365

1pts Brajkovic to beat  Intxausti 11/20 (1.59 pinnacle)

3pts D.Moreno to beat R.Kreuziger evens sportingbet

Niemiec to beat  Pardilla evens bet365 (2.04 pinnacle)

Keisssakoff  Rogers evens bet365 (2.1 pinnacle)

Henao to beat Pozzovivo 3/5 bet365 (1.69 pinnacle)

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  1. Stage 2 bets:

    2pts Degenkolb to beat Sagan 6/4 bet365
    2pts degenkolb to beat goss 8/11 paddys
    2ptFarrar to beat Goss 7/5 hills (2.4p)
    2pts Nizzolo to beat Ferrari evens bet365, hills (2.11p)
    1pt Bole to beat Gatto 6/5 bet365
    2pts Chicchi to beat Ferrari 8/11 paddys, 10/11 ladbrokes
    2pts Nizzollo to beat Appollonio 8/11paddys

  2. Stage 3 bets:
    2pts Hushovd to beat Bennati 8/5 bet365, 7/4 hills
    1pts Caruso to beat Cunego 6/5 bet365, 5/4 hills, 13/10 sportingbet
    1pt Froome to beat c.Evans 6/4 bet365 (2.73p)
    1pt Contador to beat Nibali 6/4 bet365 (2.81 p)
    1pt Cancellera to beat boom 6/4 bet365 (2.59P)
    1pt Tiralongo to beat Kruziger evens bet365 (2.03 p)
    1pt Henao to beat J,Rodriguez 7/5 bet365 (2.5p)
    1.5pts Moser to beat Pozzatto 19/20 sportingbet

  3. Stage 4:

    A very testing days riding for the GC men today it should be very interesting

    The prati di Tivo is 14kn long and at 7.2% is no easy test for the riders. And their should be time gaps to really sort out the GC for the men with shape in the legs.

    .25pts contador to win stage 3/1 hills

    2pt Contador to beat froome 11/10 bet365
    3pts Kwiatkowski to beat t,martin 4/5 bet365 (2.13 pinnacle)
    2pts B.Intxausti to beat sam sanchez 13/20 bet365 (1.91 pinnacle)
    3pt slagter to beat cunego 11/10 bet365, hills , ladbrokes
    1.5pt D.Moreno to beat Tiralongo 8/5 bet365. hills
    1ptCataldo to beat Rogers 3/4 bet365 (1.84pinnacle)
    3pts Moser to beat Santabramgio 6/4 bet365
    1pts Poels to beat Pardilla 7/4 hills
    2pts Nocentini to beat Pozzovivo 17/20 sportingbet, ladbrokes
    Mollema to beat Horner 4/6 sportingbet
    2pts Evans to beat Nibali 17/20 ladbrokes
    3pts moser to beat voss 8/13 sportingbet
    2pts SLagter to beat Poels 3/4 sportingbet
    2pts dan martin to beat sam sanchez 3/4 sportingbet

  4. Its not over as today should see some action a major climb for the riders to get over, before two ramps to get to chieti this looks a testing day for all riders. Link to the finish

    Stage 5
    .5pt J.Rodriguez to win stage 5/2:

    1pt J.Rodriguez to beat froome 7/10 bet365 (1.88pinnacle)
    2pts Contador to beat Nibali 7/5 bet365 (2.49 p)
    C.Evans to beat Poels evens bet365
    Slagter to beat S.Sanchez 9/20 bet365
    Mollema to beat cunego 4/5 bet365
    Pozzovivo to beat Pardilla 17/20 bet365
    Intxausti to beat cobo 3/4 bet365
    Moreno to beat Kreuziger 10/11 betvictor
    4pts Santabramgio to beat Kwiatkowski 8/13 betvictor
    Slagter to beat intxausti 20/21 betvictor
    Laugtin to beat cataldo 4/5 betvictor

  5. Stage 6 is up and down like crazy and would make a very diffcult classic win for any rider.

    2pts Cavendish 2.62 pinnacle
    2pts Amador to beat D.Martin 6/5 bet365 (2.22 pinnacle)
    2pt Contador to beat Nibali 10/11 hills(1.89p)
    2pts Santabromngio to beat kwiatowski 9/20 bet365 (1.49 pinn)
    2pts Moser to beat flecha 7/10 bet365 (1.74p)
    5pts SLagter to beat c.evans 3/4 bet365 (1.82p)
    2pts J.Rodriguez to beat Mollema 17/20 bet365
    1pt Visconti to beat Pozzatto 3/5 bet365 (1.74p)

    1pt Caruso to beat s.sanchez 17/20 spotingbet
    1pt Moreno to beat Kreuziger 6/5 sportingbet
    1pt niemiec to beat D.Marting 4/6 sportingbet
    1pt Mollema to beat Nibali 17/20 sportingbet
    1pt Poels to beat Kwiawotski 6/5 sportingbet
    1pt Contador to beat froome 17/20 sportingbet

  6. Stage 7 tt:

    2pts Boom to berat Cancellera 12/5 bet365
    2ptsKwiatwokski to beat froome 1.935 pinnacle
    2pts Contador to beat Nibali 4/5 bet365 (evens pinnacle)
    2pts Niemiec to beat santabramgio 17/20 bet365
    4pts dowsett to beat malori 2.09 pinnacle
    2pts Poels to ebeat amador 2/1 bet365

  7. also:
    5pts Martin to beat Cancellera 3/4 betvictor
    1pts Santabramgio to beat JRodriguez 20/21 betvictor
    1pt Niemiec to beat santabramgio 2.09 pinnacle

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