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2013 Tour of Qatar – 3rd – 8th February – Preview and Betting


Tour of Qatar:

so we get 6 stages in the warm climate of Qatar, unlike the football world cup this is taking place in the colder months, but this makes for a great preparation for riders aiming to have racing in the legs before the classics. This race may be flat but its far from easy, fast paced groups and wind will create echelons. Echelons don’t discriminate and lead to hard racing for all riders as being at front is much in demand.
Stage 1: Sunday, February 3, 143 km
Katara Cultural Village ? Dukhan Beach
Stage 2: Monday, February 4, 14 km TTT
Al Rufaa Street
Stage 3: Tuesday, February 5, 143 km
Al Wakra ? Mesaieed
Stage 4: Wednesday, February 6, 160 km
Camel Race Track ? Al Khor Corniche
Stage 5: Thursday, February 7, 154 km
Al Zubara Fort ? Madinat Al Shamal
Stage 6: Friday, February 8, 116 km
Sealine Beach Resort ? Doha Corniche

The Qatar stag overview

Outright Betting:

From what has been said stage 1 will create spilts, so the challenge is not just about being fastest in the sprint but being clever about how you stop yourself being separated from the front of the race. Bonnen won 3 of the last 5 renewals showing that a good classics rider who can hold themselves in the sprint will do well here. Cavendish fills in for him at OPQS this season. Renshaw and Mol are the other two recent winners,. A pure sprinter won’t survive in this so i question the favouritism of Cavendish for this event.

Degenkolb has a bright future ahead in all formats of racing

Boassen Hagen is strong rider and one of those that holds his one in sprint, antoehr with strong team for the time trial stage. Cancellera for me has less of a sprint these days and surely the team time trial is not long enough to create a winning gap by itself. Thomas is too short here he will not out sprint these. Should work for Boassen Hagen anyway. Phinney is like Cancellera but im not sure his sprint and even his team mate not be as strong in the time trial.

Flecha is 20/1, hes moved from sky now but again will his team lose time in time trial and how strong will his sprint be he has placed here before and is a very smart racer. Haussler suits this race he is 25/1, hes now with his new team who may lack strength in the time trial. Degenkolb showed how strong and street smart he was in last years Vuelta winning a few stages and didnt always need his team to go and do so. He was 15th here last season so within reach if improving this season.

Bennati at 40/1 is interesting he did not race this last year, now with Saxo could he repeat 2011 when he was 3rd here he is a good mix of sprinter and able to handle himself in this sort of racing, moving means he is the focus of his team. Two 50/1 guys with chance are Gallopin who is part of strong Radioshack squad and rides hard in classics to get an interest in this. He was 14th here last year and is a rider whos taken my eye over past year its good that his team appeared well prepared in Oz. Modolo had big win out sprinting Cavendish in Argentina but may lack the tactics for week long race.

Bets:.2pts Degenkolb 25/1 betvictor

.1pts Gallopin 50/1 ladbrokes

.1pt Bennati 40/1 various

Outright match bets:

2pts Degenkolb to beat Haussler 4/5 bet365 (

2pts Bennati to beat Blythe 6/5 bet365 5/4 hills

2pts Gallopin to beat Van Keirsbulck 1/2 bet365 (1.59 pinnacle)

1pt Cavendish to beat Boasson Hagen evens bet365 (2.03 pinnacle)

3pts Flecha to beat Thomas 13/10 bet365 (2.28 pinnacle)

Flecha wants to show himself with his new team

My Strongest bet, with thomas having worked hard in oz he may have settle for 2nd best with sky here, flecha now with vacan has to go prove hes stronger than sky ever let me be, he has one more big season left in him.

2pts Bouhanni to beat Kristoff 4/7 hills

3pts Phinney to beat Thomas 6/5 betvictor

Phinney is a likely leader for BMC here and im opposing thomas here.

1pt Gallopin to beat Van Avermaet 11/10 betvictor

1pt Felcha to beat Cancellera 11/8 betvictor

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Based in Dublin, Ireland. Introduced to betting through horse racing, placed my first bet on kicking king to win the Gold Cup at 4/1. Used my love of all sports to take an interest in betting on sports. Qualified accountant with a way with numbers. Over years have found the niche sports most rewarding with NFL and Cycling, but always dabble in bit of everything. Focus in future is good staking and improved trading. Also blog at


  1. Stage 1 :
    Crosswinds are meant to be lethel so I will avoid backing cavendish and oppose him:

    3pts Cavendish not to win stage 1.77 pinnacle

    1pt Bennati to beat Haussler 9/10 bet365 (evens hills) 2.01 pinnacle
    1pt Modolo to beat Cavendish 12/5 bet365 (3.52pinnacle)
    1pt Sabatini to beat Krupis 8/5 bet365 (2.75pinnacle)
    1pt Flecha to beat thomas 21/20 betvic

  2. 4pts Cannondale to beat Astana 11/10 paddys
    8pts Orica to beat Katusha 19/20 betvictor
    2pt Sky to beat radioshack 3/4 betvictor
    5pts BMC to beat Omega Pharma 10/11 betvictor

  3. Update as pinnacle have put prices up.

    Cannondale are still best priced evens with paddys.
    Orica are best priced 4/6 now with betvictor
    BMC are 8 /13 now to beat Omega with betvictor

    2pts Saxo to beat Argos 2.2 pinnacle
    4pts Cannondale to beat Argos evens ladbrokes

    ,5pt Sky to win stage 5/2 paddys
    .5pts BMC win stage 3/1 betvictor

  4. Stage 3:

    Its the same length as stage 1 but this time on the east coast meaning even if winds have died down, they should still have some affect on the peleton. It will be laps of fairly straight roads, so a bunch of some sort will likely take it home.

    3pts Degenkolb to beat Vivian 3/4 bet365
    3pts Kristoff to beat Haussler (7/4 hills) 2.99pinnacle
    2pts Bennati to beat Blythe (8/5 hills)
    2pts Ladagnous to beat thomas 3/4 bet365 (1.88 pinnacle)
    1pt Hayman to beat Rollin 13/10 bet365 (2.37 pinnacle)
    2pts Kristoff to beat A Guardini 8/11 paddys
    2pts Bennati to beat Haussler 5/6 paddys
    3pts Viviani not win stage 1.1 pinnacle

    Kruopis to beat Kluge 2.02 pinnacle

  5. I too like the Degenkolb and Kristoff bets above. 4 pts each for me on them as they will be contesting the finish with Cavendish I reckon

    I would add Kroupis to beat Kluge with Hills at 10/11 for 3 pts.

  6. Stage 4:

    Longest Stage of Qatar, its pretty full of bends as Qatar goes with a few switches and turns in the run in. It shoudl be more interesting for chances of a breakaway.

    1pt Haussler to beat Degenkolb 6/5 bet365 (2.34 pinnacle)
    3pts Kristoff to beat Hutarovich 17/20 365 (1.99 pinnacle)
    3pts Boasson Hagen to beat Blythe 7/10 365 (1.741 pinnacle)

    2pt Bennati to beat Bouhanni 2/1 bet365
    2pt Soupe to beat Downing 7/10 bet365
    1pt Van Hummel to beat Hutarovich 11/10 ladbrokes
    2pt Gallopin to beat Van Avermaet 4/5 ladbrokes

  7. Stage 5:

    Another testing stage that should be fast paced, the finish surely wont be as fast paced as today.

    4pts Barry Markus to beat Bouhanni 7/10 bet365 (1.758 pinnacle)

    Markus proved it was no fluke with another 2nd to cavendish, bouhanni was 7th today but has not always been their this week

    5pts Kristoff to beat Hutarovich 4/6 ladbrokes
    Kristoff will not be a top sprinter but he is one of best strong men sprinters rarely missing out on chance to be part of the bunch sprint. Hutarovich was off ball racing today it will take bit for him to prove hes up to it.

    1pt Haussler to beat Degenkolb evens bet365 (2.21 pinnacle)
    2pts Kluge to beat Blythe 13/10 bet365 (2.49 pinnacle)

    1pt M.Haler to beat J.Guarnieri 17/20 bet365 (1.95 pinnacle)
    1pt Markus to beat A.Guardini 8/11 paddys
    4pts Kruopis to beat bouhanni evens ladbrokes
    1pts Boassen Hagen to beat Kristoff 5/4 paddys
    1pt the field v cavendish 7/4 paddys

  8. Hutarovich punctured with 5 k to go on 4th stage.

    Bouhanni punctured on 1st stage too. So to say he has not been there this week is not true.

  9. Stage 6:

    The shortest stage and therefore i expect a large bunch to sprint for this finish. Unless we get a headwind of some sort their will likely be little action, as the peleton heads North for most of the stage before turning west to the finish. Cavendish should seal his overall win.

    3pts Barry Markus to beat A.Guardini 9/10 bet365, 10/11 hills (2.09 pinnacle)

    1pt Kluge to beat Haussler 6/4 bet365 (3.00 pinnacle)
    2pts Appolloino to beat Van Hummel evens bet365 (2.15 pinnacle)
    2pts Gallopin to beat Cantwell 12/5 bet365 (3.97pinnacle)
    1pt Kruopis to beat Hutarovich evens ladbrokes

    2pts to beat Hausssler 8/13 ladbrokes
    3pts to beat Bouhanni 10/11 ladbrokes

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