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We are a group of Sports Betting Enthusiasts.

Gamblers!? I hear you cry. Well, yes and no. You can take the gamble out of betting when making considered judgments on events and this is what the members of Sports Betting Bloggers Columns do.

We are a bunch of enthusiasts from as far apart as the UK to Australia who have known each other for many years from online interaction. We each have previously run personal blogs on our various interests and have come together with a view to providing a broad range of sports betting knowledge in varying sports and with many different betting styles, from backing, laying and trading approaches.

We believe we have a pool of knowledge and an ability to provide interesting, thought-provoking and profitable information and advice, and will do so on a very much free to air basis.

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To be the sports betting column of choice of our peers, supporters and sports betting fans the world over

We hope the site will become the first port of call for all sports betting fans, to discover our collected thoughts on sporting events upcoming, the stats that we unearth and collate to approach our own personal betting decisions. Whether you follow our bets or not is up to you but we hope to leave you further informed about specific events across the range of sports each of our writers specialise in.

We value your feedback, ideas, or even requests for specific event coverage. If you would like us to look at a specific event for you, we will draw our thoughts if we feel there is a bet to be had or an edge to be found and more importantly value in the decision and we will impart what we feel would be the best betting approach if any.

Join us as we aim to provide the best collaboration of sports betting bloggers columns online!


  1. What do say about one of your crew extoling the virtues of BTTS bet in football yet on another site one of your brethen calling those who back the bet a ‘mug punter’. That would insinuate that those that follow the bets are mugs?

    • Marc Owen Banks on

      It would be interesting to see what OT has to say about that. However, we are not a team in so much as we are in each others pockets here. Each writer is an individual who has his individual ideas and opinions. I for one will use BTTS for some bets and indeed did advise CFR CLUJ and Man Utd in the Champiosn League as one of the bets. What has made me laugh a little today is that there is not only a BTTS bet advice here on SBB, but it also a BTTS ACCA!!! sin of sins! I think we will have to let OT and Zipster duke this one. Only one way to sort if out as Harry Hill would say….

      In all seriousness though, each author here is an individual with individual opinions, and believe me when i say that we DO NOT agree on everything. Far From it.

      Thanks for reading though. We appreciate your support

  2. We are all individuals who have individual approaches to betting and we are all welcome to our individual opinions. It is no secret that accumulators, Lucky 15s and so on are a bookmakers favourite, I personally only every touch football multiples, never go near horse racing multiples.

    The thing I believe is that with my BTTS bet consisting of 5 games is that when you get one up then you are covered for the next 12-13 round of matches so in theory if you stake the same amount each week then you only need to produce 3-4 winning bets over a season to make a profit but obviously it would be nice to hit more than that to make a good profit. These bets are not a way to make you rich, these are bets to make Saturday afternoon’s with Jeff and the gang more enjoyable and hopefully at the end of the day come out of it in profit.

    I am always going to be more confident with my racing selections than my football selections but I would not be putting these up if I thought that I was not offering something to our readers……Well we will see in a few weeks if I am offering anything I guess!

  3. onlinetrader1 on

    I would have to maintain my position with regard to the BTTS bet being what I would term a “mug punt” the reason for this is obvious really, I do not think that there is a type of bet that is pushed more by the bookmakers at the moment, all of them are pushing its virtues. Would they really be doing this is it was costing them loads of money?

    As has been explained we are not working in each others pockets here and we are all individuals who can make their own decisions as to what type of bets they make/advise.

    What works for one may not work for another, we will have to see at the end of the season when Zip posts up his P&L to see whether or not the BTTS has worked out for him or not, one of us could be in for a plate of humble pie.

    Open honest debate is always good and although i am always right, I am prepared to listen to others points of view 🙂

  4. BTTS isnt pushed so much, and more bookies offer prices on it, as a single best it is viable i liked it other night in city game when it was same price as overs. I never do more than a treble as unless a bookie is best priced on all selections the edge grows for them

  5. It is healthy having different views on certain bets and events, we do not want a blog where all the authors agree on everything, that would be pointless with the idea of several bloggers on here each giving their own views on certain subjects, this gives our readers more insight, more angles to work with.

    As OT says the profit/loss at the end of the season will tell the full story and let’s hope OT is wrong for once 😀

  6. ‘Without contraries there is no progression’ – an enjoyable refreshing blog- well done all – looking forward to future posts – is it worth laying the BTTS selections as an anti-mug bet?!!

  7. Thanks for the comment pemean, an interesting question about Laying the BTTS bet, the answer is of course no as it is just a reverse Mug Bet and will cost you as much as the Backing of BTTS in the long run 🙂

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