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John Smith’s Grand National 2013

Where can I bet on the John Smith’s Grand National 2013?

If you are lucky enough to be attending, on course you’ll be able to bet with the rails bookmakers around the course, in the betting shops, or indeed on the Tote

Those who are not fortunate enough to be attending have several options. One things for sure, if you want to get a bet on, on this day, there are plenty of ways to do so.

High Street Bookmakers

The traditional High Street Bookmakers will be open early on the day ready for the expectant rush. If you are choosing this method there are two things to consider.

  • Get to the betting shop early

Plan and time your visit well

Demand will be at it’s very highest on Saturday. This is by far the busiest day of the year for all high street bookmakers, when at least twice as many people will come through the door than even their second busiest day of the year. Most bookies will have extra staff behind the counter to take bets, and many will have further extra staff on the floor to assist in filling out betting slips and answering any questions you may have. Many firms now have “quick-slips”; betting slips that just require a couple of ticks for horses names, stakes, and bet type (Win or Each Way)

Try to get to the shop and place your bets before midday. In doing this you will be afforded more time by the staff to answer any questions you might have. As things get busier and the staff are under more pressure they may not have as much time and may come across as curt in their response

  • Don’t go back within the 2 hours immediately following the race

Bearing in mind just how many bets will have been placed in the shop on the day of the Grand National, do not expect your bets be settled within five minutes of the race finishing. You may have the winner and you may even be as lucky to have a large amount to collect but settling on Grand National day will take time due to the volume of bets needing to be settled. Give it at least a couple of hours before returning to collect any winnings, or even better, go back on Sunday!

Online Bookmakers

These are generally the same as the high street bookmakers, and there are plenty of online only bookmakers too. They all offer the same service, running a book on the race but on the internet. Very simple to use, you will have to register and set up an account and fund it through a credit or debit card. Some take payment through paypal or moneybookers

Many will have offers on the day. Look particularly for what odds they are offering for your horse. You can use a service like Oddschecker to see which bookmaker is offering the best odds for your selection and open an account with them

Or maybe one bookmaker is offering more finishing positions for each way bets. 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th, would be normal, but some will offer places to 5th and maybe even 6th place. Odd will be slightly different for these, so double check. Also, if you open a new account,always check the terms and conditions especially if you get a ‘free bet’ as they often have specific criteria regarding these

Mobile Betting

Most firms now also offer the option of making bets via mobile phones, or smart phones, either by calling or on the smartphone networks. This works in just the same way and again many offers will be specific to making a bet on your phone.

Below is a screenshot of Oddschecker’s Grand National odds comparison.

You can see all the various odds for each runner,and at what price they are available with the relevant bookmaker at the top of the table.

In addition, on the Sign Up FREE BETS row, these are the amounts that available as free bets as incentives to sign up a new account with each firm. Be sure to read the full terms and conditions for these offers before committing. Sometimes,they are not as straightforward as they might seem

At the Bottom of the table you can see a row which outlines “each-way terms” – this means how many places will be included in settling Each Way bets. This means whether you will get a return on your horse finishing in the first four places generally. As you can see, Bet365 are offering the first 5 places! The 1/4 means that the place part of each way bets will be settled at a quarter of the win odds

For more information on how Each Way betting works, so you can fully understand, visit our What Can I bet on? page




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