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The Best iPhone Apps for Live Sports


Sports apps give you the opportunity to receive the latest scores, updates, analysis and news about your favourite teams and players. Due to the presence of numerous of sports apps in the iphone app store, it is important to be able to select and download the best apps that will meet all your sports needs. Here is a brief review of some of the highly rated iphone apps for live sports.

ESPN SportsCenter

ESPN launched SportsCenter as an upgrade to the famous top-rated ScoreCenter app. This app combines scores with analysis, videos, photos, articles, and social activity for over 20 sports. The Inbox and SportsCenter sections offer the most content while the newly introduced Clubhouse provides second-by-second screen shots on the matches played by a particular team.

From the Gamecast area, you can see interactive rendering of live games, with live stats, play-by-play feed, league scores, and engage in social discussions based on Facebook. These features can be accessed by clicking on the Live Game button. In addition, the app shows a concise scoring summary, game leaders, and the venue for each live game. Also, the Now tab provides a live Twitter feed from popular ESPN sports analysts and commentators like Darren Rovell, Jay Harris, and Trey Wings.

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The Favourit iOS app is a unique sports app, designed to provide live scores, stats, analysis and commentary for fans who want to make smarter betting choices. This native iphone app has a free social network that allows you to connect with expert punters all over the world. In addition to providing details on what other experts are backing, the app gives comprehensive facts and summaries and connects you directly to many licensed bookmakers.

With the Favourit Caps virtual currency, you can bet for free and test the effectiveness of your betting strategies. This fast and user-friendly app may be used legally in virtually all countries since users do not bet directly on the app. Favourit currently covers 15 sports including, American football, baseball, basketball, football, golf, handball, ice hockey, motor racing, rugby league, rugby union, snooker, tennis and volleyball. From the simple user-interface, you can easily monitor international league matches and competitions in all the sports covered by the app.

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The Livestream app provides all the facilities needed to use your iPhone to watch a live sports game or any other event like a seminar, conference, music or educational event. After signing up as a Livestream user, you can view the upcoming events to be broadcast. Livestream will send you a reminder to alert you when the time for the event is at hand. So whenever, your favourite sports team is playing and you can’t watch it live at the arena, you can use Livestream to view it anywhere you are in the world. With the social features of this app, you can follow other users and watch their broadcasts. This app may also be used to broadcast an event to your fans, friends and followers. With the aid of the four video filters provided, you can make your event look unique.

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theScore app was designed to provide an exceptional mobile sports experience for all sports fans. theScore has a fast, smooth and exciting user-interface that delivers instant scores, player stats, recaps, top stories, betting odds plus the information and tools required for fantasy sports lovers. That is why so many users rely on it for up-to-date news and updates from the biggest sports leagues including the popular American leagues like the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA, and MLS. In addition to popular sports such as American football, baseball, basketball, football (soccer), golf, tennis, hockey, and volleyball, theScore also covers other sports like auto racing, lacrosse, and mixed martial arts.

Fans of popular European football leagues can also rely on this app to receive detailed scores, stats, and news from the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, Champions League and Europa League. Due to the vast amount of information that this app offers, most users use the customisation options to select the leagues, teams and players the app should follow. Users may also choose the type of notifications that should be delivered during live matches from goals, to substitutions, red cards, half-time and final scores.

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These sports apps will provide all the live scores and stats required by sports enthusiasts. With the amount of detailed information, social interaction and tips provided by these apps, users can obtain all the details required to keep abreast of the news about their favourite teams and players and get tips and ideas for their fantasy sports games and sports betting.


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