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  1. Hello,

    I recently came across your site. I like the layout and the metrics as well as the fact it is rich on content, that is related to my work. I promote informative sites about betting opportunities, none of which is a betting operator.

    I would like to discuss the opportunity if you could add a link to one of my sites in an upcoming article on your site. I’ll provide the anchor text but it mustn’t be a no follow link. The article must have a picture in it and be at least 500 words long with the anchor appearing above the fold.

    If you are interested in my offer, please write back as soon as possible and tell me how much would it cost.



  2. Hello,

    A while ago I asked you about guest posting on your site. I didn’t receive a reply so I’d like to ask if you consider my offer? Please, write me back if you’re interested.



  3. Hello,

    Would it be possible to place content and get a link within your useful links drop down menu? If this is something you’re still doing, can you let us know the requriements.

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