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Cycling Tour Of Oman – (11th-16th February), 2.HC – Highlights on Channel Eurosport 2


The Tour Of Oman kicks off Monday with 6 Stages, unlike Qatar this will see more up and downs as the region is known for having the highest point in the Middle East.


Tour of Oman 2013: Stages
Stage 1, Monday 11 February, Al Musannah to Sultan Qaboos University, 162km
Stage 2, Tuesday 12 February, Fanja in Bidbid to Al Bustan, 146km
Stage 3, Wednesday 13 February, Nakhal Fort to Wadi Dayqah Dam, 190km
Stage 4, Thursday 14 February, Al Saltiyah in Samail to Jabal Al Akhdhar (Green Mountain), 152.5km
Stage 5, Friday 15 February, Al Alam Palace to Ministry of Housing in Bosha, 144km
Stage 6, Saturday 16 February, Hawit Nagam Parkto Matrah Corniche, 144km

Stage 1 sees a little climbing but any fit sprinters should make the finish. Stage 2 sees lesser climbing but with both short climbs coming at the end we could see it break up.  Stage 3 like the first has an early climb but then flattens out likely one for the sprinters. Stage 4 will be the killer, the climb of Green Moutain upto 1235m this will be were the race is decided, expect time gaps.  Stage 5 looks like a good stage to see some breaks in the field it is by the looks the second hardest stage and one teams falling behind might look make a move. Stage 6 rounds up the week with a simple finish.

Stage 4:

Outright Betting :

Their is no doubting a good climber will be the winner of this, they do not need to be a pure climber but without the time trial it really only gives them a small window for gaining time before the main MTF stage.

Alberton Contador is favourite for this event and theirs no doubting his quality haven proven he can race all year round. Contador won stage 6 and was 4th, contador has always raced well from off last time he races this early in year he won the tour of Algarve beating whole host of talent.  Vincenzo Nibali lost out to Peter Velits here last year so is a regarded contender to go well again. He won the all important Green Mountain finish ahead of Velits. Chris Froome has been nominated leader in a strong sky team with Wiggins saying that this is part of his training block rather than winning. Wiggins likely wont win but like last year in Portugal, even when wiggins riders for other hes often still around at the business end.

J.Rodriguez the twice podium man in grand tours last season also races here and he is versatile which may be useful here. He was a 7th here last year without killing himself, he will likely use this to tune up. Peter Velits comes to defend his title he goes well early in year, but looked slightly off pace down under a repeat showing would be an ask of the slovak rider. Pozzovivo has now moved to Ag2r for mix of money and being guaranteed the races he wants to race. He was 8th in the Giro last year failing to hold form over 3 weeks, he has racing in the legs from a one day race but perhaps the climb isn’t testing enough for him to come into his own.

Jeannesson came 5th on the main stage last year and is one at bigger prices to keep an eye out for. Porte will continue to provide strong support and he won Algrave last year but without a tt he surely cant assert his dominance on this strong field. Cadel Evans is likely to come in poor shape with his main target once again for much later in the year.

Contador looks a strong pick he gets off to good starts, he was a winner of Algrave in 2009 and 2010, and just off when his drug ban ruled out his results in 2011, he then won the next race after that in 2011 stricken from record. he also started strong in 2008 just losing by 8secd in Murcia before winning Leon after that.

4pts Contador to win the tour of Oman 15/8 paddy

Contador has the attacking skills to win the outright

Outright match ups:

2pts Jeannesson to beat Pozzovivo 13/10 bet365 2.33 pinnacle

1pt Froome to beat Rodriguez  1.952 pinnacle

2pts Jeannesson to beat Gallopin 17/20 sportingbet (3/5 now)

1pts Sagan to beat Gilbert 17/20 sportingbet

2pts J.Rodriguez to beat Pozzovivo 5/7 sportingbet

3pts Porte to beat Nocentini 10/11 betvictor

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  1. Stage 1:
    .5pt Sagan to win the Stage 11/2 bet365

    2pt Van Poppel to beat Guarnieri , 3/4 bet365 (1.83pinnacle)
    7pts Kristoff to beat Bennati 4/7 paddys
    1pt Bouhanni to beat Goss 8/5 bet365
    1pt Gallopin to beat Phinney evens bet365 (2.,1 pinnacle)
    1pt Meersman to beat Van Avermaet 3/5 sportingbet
    1pt Appollino to beat bennati 3/5 sportingbet
    1pt Degenkolb to beat Vivani 5/4 paddys
    1pt Hinault to beat Sabatini 3/4 betvictor
    2pts Sagan to beat Bouhanni 4/5 sportingbet

  2. Stage 2:

    Should test people, this looks like a classic stage that will leave the sprinters behind, you will need to hang on the climb and be good in the finish.

    2pts Phinney to beat Meersmann 7/4 bet365 (3.05pinnacle)
    Phinney has looked in good shape for me so far an could show something tomorrow. Meersmann suits an uphill finish but has not been at races so much at moment.

    2pts J.Rodriguez to beat R.Nocentini 7/4 bet365 (2.98 pinnacle)
    Nocentini has lacked shape so far this season, he hasnt been doing much so far and at worst this is coin toss so price is too big on J Rod really.

    2pts M.Breschel to beat G.Van Avermaet 8/5 bet365 (2.84pinnacle)
    Both are good classic riders and finished in bunch at flanders last season behind the first three. While I think van avermaet has good finish breschel is no mug and should be a shoreter price to get involved.

    4pts Bouhanni to beat Goss 3/4 bet365
    Bouhanni has proven a strong man before today and his 2nd on stage today was impressive but he can also hang about in sprints. Socamn Goss but he has been off colour most of the season and he doe not look bothered at moment.

    2pts Stybar to beat Terpstra 7/4 bet365
    Two teammates who have been following each other around, both at simliar levels of racing and again it could be case of who follows who over the finish line. Noted a rare bet pinnacle not best price on.

    2pts Jeanesson to beat P.Velits 7/5 bet365 (2.67 pinnacle)
    One i mentioned from my preview, Velits i dont expect to repeat the Oman showing from last season.

    2pts C.Evans to beat Froome 2/1 bet365 (3.54pinnacle)
    This should be much closer, while Evans may not be as fit as froome he has a better sprint for this finish and might just want get himself involved.

    3pts Kristoff to beat Appollono 3/4 bet365 (1.935 pinnacle)
    Kristoff is no mug sprinter he can hang about in the hardest races, 3rd in the olympics in the group at flanders last year, a model of consistency. Appollono do well to make the finish.

    2pts bonnen to beat bennati 8/5 bet365 (2.87 pinnacle)
    Bennati has been a let down this season so far, bonnen got involved today and if he lacks shape it might show tommorow but hes doen well before and its likely hes kept in shape.

    2pts Jeanesson to beat Gallopin 10/11 betvic
    Gallopin was a 3rd here but is struggling to put his mark in on the season.

    2pts Contador to beat Nibali 3.25 pinnacle
    Purely value based

    1pt Contador to beat Froome 6/5 sportingbet
    1pt Nibali to beat Nocentini 6/5 sportingbet
    2pts Phinney to beat Cancellera 13/20 sportingbet
    3pts Bouhanni to beat Bennati 1/2 sporting
    3pts Van Avermaet to beat Impey 3/4 betvictor

    5pts Degenkolb not to win stage 1.1 pinnacle

  3. First let me review from no on on I will be having more 1pt bets these are more feeler bets, Ie bets to see if my gut is right and too have a record of sorts to follow, 3pts + are my more serious bets. One thing i noticed going back is why I did not have more on nibali at 6/5 it seemed mad price in hindsight for me, apart from that i regret opposing Gallopin someone I have talked up before.

    We took a profit for day anyway, hoping to improve my staking

    Results: +3.94pts

    I also noted i had minimum bets on two on pinnacle cancellera to beat gilbert 2.99 and colbrelli to beat Downing 2.92, both came in so just pity i didnt add as 1pt bets.

  4. Stage 3:

    This stage is dead long a 190km stage with quiet a nice finish which I have checked out and does provide an uphill finish but one for the sprinters can get to.

    Stage Profile:

    So final run in does go uphill, 17km for rise of 125metres, this may rule out the postage stamp guys but will bring in bouhanni and degenkolb if they can be smart against Sagan.

    2pt Degenkolb to beat Goss 13/20 bet365 (1.81 pinnacle)
    1pt Marcato to beat Meersman 17/20 bet365 (2.05 pinnacle)
    2pts Breschel to beat Van Avermaet 17/20 bet365 (1.87 pinnacle)

    2pts Kristoff to beat Apollonio 3/5 bet365 (1.62 pinnacle)
    1pt Stybar to beat Elmiger 6/5 bet365
    1pt Bonnen to b eat Bennati 3/5 bet365 (1,752 pinnacle)
    2pt Bookwalter to beat Kiriyenka 17/20 betvictor
    3pts Colbrelli to beat Brammeier 17/20 betvictor
    5pts Sagan to beat Goss 2/5 betvictor
    3pts Sagan to beat Gilbert 1/3 sportingbet
    2pts ELmiger to beat Cancellera 5/7 sportingbet

  5. Stage 3 :
    P&L : +6.01
    Elmiger was betaen by just a place given us a -3.45 pt swing, but a good day.

    Stage 4:

    Firstly Oman has looked breathtaking at times from the little we get to see. Next year for sure their has to be live coverage if the event is going to continue to thrive, the climbing is fair but interesting and its a nice warm up for the riders.

    Stage 4 brings us up the famous Green Mountain, they climbing this in Stage 5 last year. The climb is about 6km at about 10% so its a test for non climbers. Some puncheurs like Gallopin hung on for dear life last year to remain in top 3, but this year their is a much stronger field and i expect a much higher pace.

    Contador rightly leads the betting, but with our overall bet riding on him doing well I do not feel a top up is needed. Sagan has put in hopes of remaining in GC race but the GAP last year between stage winner nibali and 10th Navardasukas was just over a minute. I expect contador to put in even more than this on Sagan.

    Stage 4 matchbets:
    3pt Nocentini to beat Gallopin 9/10 sporting bet 2.02 pinnacle
    1pt Froome to beat Nibali 11/10 bet365 2.4 pinnacle
    2pts Stybar to beat Cancellara 13/20 bet365 1.7 pinnacle

    1pt Joquain Rodriguez to beat C.Evans 7/5 sportingbet
    3pts Pozzovivo to beat tschopp 5/7 sportingbet
    1pt Elmiger to beat Cancellera 6/5 sportingbet
    2pt Nibali to beat P.Velits 1/2 sportingbet
    5pts Jeannesson to beat Sagan 2/5 sportingbet
    1pt Contador to win stage 17/20 ladbrokes

    .5pts Pozzovivo to come top 3 5/1 bet365
    .1pt Pozzovivo to win stage 33/1

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