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Eneco Tour 2014 Preview


Eneco Tour 2014 Preview

Always an interesting race post tour de france we had to the Eneco Tour for some good racing from Belgium. The profile of winners have been to be strong in the time trial but also a good all rounder racer. Stybar was a shock 100/1 win for this very blog last season tipped up as a lively outsider. He fought tooth and nail with Dumoulin with Grivko in 3rd. All riders can handle testing conditions and hills with a solid time trial the same is said of 2012 top 3, sprint classic pedigree is ideal. Over the race the riders will go over 53 official climbs, while its not the Alpes it is a test of a riders all round talents.

Eneco Tour Past Winners

Eneco Tour will start off with two flattish days on the Monday easing the riders into the race. Stage 3 then takes in a time trial in an unusual choice of format for the race. At 9.6km the gaps will not be big but those with talent for the shorter tests will do well here and target a stage win here. The 4th stage is then back to a sprint type day of course these days can easily see chances lost as mistakes are very much punished on these narrow roads. Stage 5 looks a belter and anyone should be looking to get to the tv on Friday. The stage as 14 climbs in all. But they go over some twice as they will do a lap at the end. It is a hill top finish with a little flat on the top.

Then we have stage 6. It features 10 different climbs with most of those repeated. It barely has a flat road all day and is going be another testing day. The final climb is quiet short but I expect a pretty limited field at that stage. The final stage 7 looks a demon. The riders go over 17 different climbs in all, with a lap for the finish. The difference last year came on sprint days when Stybar outsmarted Dumoulin but with a change in the lay out of the race Dumoulin could excel. The change in time trial will play to the hands of a polished time trial rider over last years so that is a plus for Dumoulin here. Stybar of course has a very strong supporting guest notable Boonen and Terpstra are both here.

Lars Boom won the cobbled stage in the Tour but how much is in the tank now and we all know he has had the habit of finding a bad day.  Is Roelandts the best hope for Lotto its hard to see who else they have to challenge.  We also see Dennis turn out for BMC after his mid season switch both Gilbert and Van Avermaet will want to do well here. The market has Cancellara to lead Trek but by his high standards 2014 has been very much a failure for him. It isn’t a race he has podiumed in before and I am sure it really suits him all that well these days. Sagan is here for cannondale and we know how good he can be and a short sprint might help his chances. But with other things on his mind and coming off a Tour he might lack the cutting edge.

Sky have a duel threat of past winner Boasssen Hagen but also commonwealth champion Thomas who is looking in top shape right now. Grivko is back with Astana here again,  and they have plenty talent for the easier days. Movistar have Ivan Gutierrez who has enjoyed success here a few years ago but isn’t quiet the same level now. I will be back with a detail of bets for now I had added in Tom Dumoulin at 6/1+ but that price is quickly gone so for the blog I will review my suggested bets

Eneco Tour 2014 Bets:

1.25pts Tom Dumoulin 6/1 william hill

.5pts Geraint Thomas 14/1 hills

3pts Thomas to beat Boom 19/20 hills

1pt Keukeleire to beat Breschel 11/10 bet365

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  1. Stage 1:

    Not much betting wise on stage for me

    .25pts Mezgec 6/1 paddys

    1pt Boonen to beat Greipel 2.68 pinnacle
    2pts Mezgec to beat Bouhanni 2.41 pinnacle

  2. Stage 2 Preview:

    Mezgec had a top 10 won his match bet too give us a profit on the stage as our main bet. Dumoulin our outright bet showed face and is popular in the market now of course. Of note Cancellara lost 18sec, Dennis 5mins (didn’t fancy him anyway), Navardaskuas too. Cummings lost 8 minutes just not suited to this type of racing.

    Guardini will be all the rage but I doubt he can strike twice.

    .1pt Mario Trentin 40/1 bet365
    .25pts Luca Mezgec 9.84 pinnacle

    1pt Mezgec to beat Bouhanni 2.23 pinnacle
    4pts Trentin to beat Vanmarcke 1.62 pinnacle
    2pts Dumoulin to beat Van Avermaet 1.82 pinnacle
    1pt Grivko to beat Jeanneson 1.78 pinnacle

  3. Stage 3 Preview:

    One of his best areas is this sort of tt for Dumoulin who still only lost 14sec yesterday so still has chance to get involved.

    3pts Tom DUmoulin 2/1 betvictor

    Short course should be suited to Thomas still in the hunt.

    3pts Thomas to beat Dennis 2.34 pinnacle
    3pts Cummings to beat Navardasukas 1.59 pinnacle
    2pts Van Baarle to beat Gilbert 2.8 pinnacle
    2pts Dillier to beat Van Keirsbulck 3/4 sportingbet
    3.5pts Van Marcke to beat Mollema evens sportingbet

  4. Stage 4 Preview:

    Well the time trial was top class for the blog. Every single bet for the day came off and Tom DUmoulin was top class taking out Cancellara by two seconds.

    Onto Stage 4 and the race is still very much wide open. The stages should get much harder from here and really today is the last chance for sprinters really before it gets messy. With a sprint point 7km out the pace should be quick from 20km out. a few very minor bets for me today my main pick just for pt.

    1pt Grivko to beat Gilbert 2.1 pinnacle

  5. Stage 5 Preview:
    Grivko pipped Gilbert to win the only advised bet of the day. Onto Stage 5 and things should really crack up now. Todays stage finally brings in testing terrain. The varied racing makes this a good race and one that will be around for years to come.

    Quinzato has been really solid this week and is worth a chance here on terrain he can be suited to he could surprise a few. Boom at 6/1 looks very short this isn’t Roubaix this is much hillier, anyone backing him at those odds needs there head testing.

    Lots are talking Vanmarcke I am not sure myself and at 10/1 I wouldn’t play now. Grivko doesn’t have pure evidence to do well here but he didn’t top 3 in this race before by luck and can get involved in this stage. Thomas is in top class shape and we know he wants put his stamp on this 16/1 is value, those who aren’t on him out right could look to get involved that way.

    .15pts Mario QUinzato 40/1 bet365
    .15pts Geraint Thomas 16/1 bet365
    .1pt Andriy Grivko 50/1 betvictor

    2pt Vanendert to beat Mollema 3/4 sportingbet
    1pt Stannard to beat Pozzatto 2.12 pinnacle

  6. Stage 6 Preview:
    So we made a tiny profit from Vanendert but we got a top class showing from Dumoulin on the day who could have well taken out a stage win. Dumoulin had a bit more than shown today bar losing a wheel due to traffic on the muur he looked super strong and his team has enough to provide good support. Todays stage moves away from Flanders and towards the roads used in LBL. Jeanesson is hanging about and FDJ might see this as good day for him to get involved.

    .3pts Tom Dumoulin 6/1 bet365
    .1pt Arnold Jeannesson 50/1 betvictor

    2pts Jeannesson to beat Gastaeur 1.61 pinnacle
    2pts Van Avermaet to beat Gilbert 2.12 pinnacle
    1pt Grivko to beat Marcato 2.29 pinnacle
    2pts Langveld to beat De Vreese 5/6 bet365

  7. Stage 7 Preview:

    It looks like our Dumoulin bet will be left out of luck, left without team help he did way to much work by himself and Boom got away and so did Wellens. Per sources the neutral support was not behind the main group when both giant riders had flats. Its a pity as Dumoulin has looked so damn strong. Jeannesson was involved with Wellens but couldn’t match him when he attacked. Annoying that Gastaeur beat him home by a place. It was still a strong 3 out 4 on the match bets and we had ourselves a profit.

    “The final stage 7 looks a demon. The riders go over 17 different climbs in all, with a lap for the finish”

    The shorter climbs are at the end but maybe a hard ridden race can make those count for something. Dumoulin has looked very strong, when he took the lead and yesterday he nearly caught Boom all by himself as he was left without a team, now with the target off his back he could prove himself here.

    .5pts Tom Dumoulin 7/1 paddys
    .1pt Andriy Grivko 33/1 bet365
    .1pt Jens Keukeleire 18/1 paddys

    2pts Dumoulin to beat Boom 11/10 bet365
    1.5pts jeannesson to beat gasteaur 1.81 pinnacle

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