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EPDS racing, ownership on a shoestring?


John Powell the boss of EPDS Racing has come up with a new concept for owning a racehorse for not a lot of money, information pills firstly before I go into the ins and outs its important that we first talk about EPDS racing and the man at the helm Mr Powell.

EPDS Racing have horses in training with 4 trainers at the moment and their horses run all over the country including Scotland down to Exeter and Plumpton, they sponsor races on a regular basis and also sponsor a stable lads and girls competition that has been praised by all in the industry, so this is no seat of the pants operation here.

The idea is that Mr Powell will have over 140 members in the syndicate who will pay just £20 month for a share in a racehorse with a trainer!! JP as he is known in the racing world gets most of his clients by social media and its with his normal practice that this topic is all over twitter and if you can think that £240 a year now gets you the chance to actually own a share of a race horse, plus stable visits, owners badges, is it not worth a look?

If anyone is interested in finding out more about this, then you can contact John Powell at [email protected] and you can find him on twitter here

We at SBB Columns can only wish Mr Powell all the best with his offer and we hope he succeeds in getting lots more people who would never be able to afford the luxury of racehorse ownership involved.

The dream is alive for 140 people if they want to take it?


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I follow NH racing and I'm lucky enough to make it pay, racing consumes my day and I can study for hours, I'm really a racing nut I'm a regular racegoer and I own a share in a young nh horse with a well known trainer. I'm 47 yrs old and married for 18yrs with 4 children, I like boxing, reading and a lot of TV.

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