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Grand National Trends 2014 – What Do You Want To Know?


Grand National Trends 2014 – What Do You Want To Know?

I shall very soon be putting together some Grand National Trends to share with you all to see if we can narrow down the field and find that winner!

As per usual I shall cover most of the basics, story Ages, approved Weights, medical Handicap data, what the runner did last time out etc..

But I wanted to put this out there before putting up the trends post to see if any of our readers would like to know about any specific trends, ones which I may not usually put up!

I can get quite a bit of detail and will do my very best to produce whatever you are looking for, more heads are usually better then one and will may well stumble upon something that we would not of without you input.

As mentioned I shall cover the basics so if there is any information that you would like to know the leave me a comment, I shall reply as to whether or not I can get the data and then when I do my trends post I shall put all the information in there!

So leave me a comment and I shall do my utmost to provide you with the answers.

The adventure to find the fourth consecutive winner has begun! Here is a reminder of what happened last year, a year that I shall never forget!

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I have been in the betting game for getting on 10 years now, I was a late comer in the betting scene, never really showed much interest in the first 20 years of my life but then I came across a betting website and that all changed. I have learnt a vast amount over the last 5 years, I used to believe I could pick the winner in every race before I realised I could not and began selective betting which is the only way forward. I mainly stick with the horses but do occasionally stray off to bet on the footie or speedway. I am now 35 years old, born and bred in Ipswich and still here and forever a Tractorboy, work part time for a Cash & Carry and have a dog named Dave! That’s about it from me.


    • The changes to the fences etc have made it a somewhat different race but there are still certain trends which still work, Auroras Encore came out in my shortlist of 5 based on trends last year and was the one I eventually put up on here as my main bet so the trends are not all bad!

      We will give it a go and see what it produces this year.

  1. Like watching this & still got it on my tivo box. Even better watching it when I got the winner. A straight win did not even go EW. Auroras Encore. Wow. Dont feel as lucky this time though. Apart from Lord Windermere I am in a little bit of a rut. The ones i pick out win the bets dont. Battle on though. Like the posts on here.Well done SBB.

    • I find a lot of people are down on luck in March, the quality of the races at the likes of Cheltenham make it even harder. The all-weather can be a struggle too at this time of the year with yards sending out turf runners for a prep run for the upcoming season. March has always been a bad month for me but stick in Ian and things will turn around!

  2. Just on the GN Trends, I will be looking at place trends this year, you have more of a chance hitting something if you look further than just the winner because maybe the first two share a trend and then that points you in the right direction.

  3. Trends are important. I’ve had the winner of the Irish Grand National in 2012 and 2013 using this method.
    It works very well for certain races. One simple trend for the Aintree event I have noticed is to eliminate any horse that has won on the last two or more starts. (Form figs, 11 or 111 etc.). They just don’t win the National. I can usually get it down to five or six contenders. What will this year bring? Can’t wait !!!
    I look forward to your opinion.

    • I get what you are saying, you don’t want runners coming into the race in too good of form if you get what I am saying, I know just off the top of my head that those coming into the race having won their last two starts are 0-23 (Last 16 years) because it was something I looked up a couple of weeks ago!

  4. Hi Zipster, I love your trends analysis as you look at beyond the usual. Re the National, I see where Harry is coming from as the race has changed, but you’re right that certain trends should still work. After all, the reason why trends are worth taking into account is that certain races require a certain kind of horse (which is also why some races are better than others for following trends). Anyway I know you’ll cover the basics plus a few other interesting lines, so here’s one from me:

    I think the easier fences have made this more of a stamina test as the pace is faster and more even, plus the ground won’t have any mention of “firm” in it so an emphasis should be put on classy proven stayers. I’d want to short list horses who have hit the frame (1-4) in English, Irish, Welsh or Scottish Nationals. This steps up a notch from the traditional “3m plus” trends criterion, and I think it works with the new realities of the course plus has the advantage (for betting purposes) of picking up on a changing trend. It also works for looking at place as well as winner, which I know you want to do (I agree with that, BTW).

    • I will see if I can get hold of this date and will put it in my post when I do it! If I remember correctly Auroras Encore was runner up in the Scottish National in 2012 before going on to win the GN in 2013 so this is definitely something I shall try to dig up!

  5. Sorry I forgot to say the reason it works well for places is that previously placed GN horses can do it again, though they tend to be handicapped out of a winning chance. Anyone playing Exacta and Trifecta combinations can use this by including such horses at the bottom of tickets (i.e. to be placed but not wasting lines on them winning).

  6. I backed Aurora’s in the 2012 Scottish National, and he got mugged by Merigo at the death. I don’t bet each way, so that hurt! Like I say, we might be at the start of a new trend due to the change in fences so longer term data might not suggest it’s a brilliant idea, but I think it’s worth considering now. I believe last year the first four home all had placed in a national, and certainly Sunnyhill Boy and Cappa Bleu (2nd and 4th in 2012) had done. In 2011 the 2nd, 3rd and 4th also qualified (from memory).

    • balazhar king was my banker at Cheltenham his jumping is perfect ! Just a petty he doesn’t stay he was in front for a long way in last years gs jumping perfect and then fading to finish 15 th , now big shu his rival also outstanding in my eyes now this horse just seems to stay and stay and stay and has one hell of a turn of foot . This is an interesting article about big shu

      I am very interested if there are many trends in this horses favour as I can really see him in the first 4 ? Thanks

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