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Great Goals


Great Goals

Seeing Konstantinous Mitroglou score this hatrick in midweek, buy more about I was thoroughly impressed with the 3rd goal, website one which would have been replayed millions of times if Ronaldo or Messi had scored it…

Mitroglou hatrick v Anderlecht

and I thought of other hatricks that have been memorable

The best of which for me is this from Rivaldo in 2001; I remember watching this game on the telly and will never forget the winning goal which clinched the hatrick for Rivaldo and also catapulted Barca into the Champions League and stopped Valencia likewise – a memorable game and what a stunning hatrick. The game was 2-2 and Barca needed a winner, sale Rivaldo was probably at the height of his powers then and was such a great player to watch; he had been superb in this game and this magical moment was one of those jump out of your chair and yell moments!

Rivaldo hatrick v Valencia 2001



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