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Guest Posting

Guest Posting – Your Chance To Air Your Thoughts

Most regular visitors to the site will know that our goal is to deliver the opinions of our dedicated team of bloggers on a variation of sports and we keep the site advert free, with no annoying pop-ups from flashing ads trying to lure you into bookmaker sign-ups! We keep the site focused on bringing you sporting previews, reviews and betting selections all hassle free!

We are also very much interested in what our readers thoughts are and that is where this new feature comes in!

We have decided to open the site up to guest posting and the section will get its own dedicated space on the front page along with its own category to make it easily searchable.

Of course we want to keep the site to the high standard we have set and relevant to how we have it but there are not too many restrictions on what you can post as long as it is sport related – it does not have to be betting selections, it could be a preview/recap of a sporting event or even a review of a sports blog, or book etc.

The Guest Posting is open to anyone, you must registered on the site to have the ability to see the form to post, it costs nothing to sign up so if you need to register or simply log in then pop over here to do so.

The posting is pretty straight-forward and if you are logged in then you will already see the form below to submit a post.

The first section is Twitter ID where you can enter your twitter name, without the @ symbol, and there will be a link within the post to your twitter so people can find you.

You have ‘Post Title‘ and ‘Post Content‘ which are self explanatory; Tags are used for search purposes so select them wisely; if covering a certain horse then add that horse, if covering a football team then add that team and separate each tag with a comma. Then you need to select a category of which the post is about, if the category is not there then add as ‘general’ and we will create a category.

Within the Post Content you will be using the WordPress Rich Text Editor – if you need any assistance with how this works then have a read here.

That is pretty much as simple as it gets! Complete your post and hit Submit and your post will be sent to our Admin who will either approve it or reject it – In the post Content you have many formatting options so spruce up your post, use short paragraphs for easy reading, highlight key information with bold and/or colour and please double-check your spelling.

If you submit a post that is full of spelling errors or the subject matter is not related to the site then we will reject the post.

The Rules

  1. You must be registered to submit a post (you will not see the form if you’re not logged in)
  2. The content of the post must be related in some kind of way to sports
  3. The content must be well written without lots of spelling errors
  4. If a selection post then there must be clear reasoning for the selection
  5. Anyone posting just a list of selections will be rejected
  6. No posting links to bookmakers or any other affiliates
  7. Anyone posting any content that could subject us to any kind of legal action will be banned (ie no libel)
  8. The Admin ALWAYS retain the right to remove/reject any post
  9. Please do not duplicate any content that you post on here elsewhere – it must be original/unique 

Each post submitted will have to be approved by a member of the Admin team before the post goes ‘live’ on the site – you will receive an email when the post is authorised and it will be automatically tweeted by the official SBB Columns twitter account. All fields in the form are required with the exception of the Twitter ID.

If you have any questions then either use the contact link or leave a message below and one of the team will reply ASAP.

Remember that only those registeredd and logged-in can post so if you are not then visit this link Register/Login

Submit A Post

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  1. Hi,

    I’m already registered and have tried logging on in my account. Unfortunately, I cannot find the “Post Content” you are mentioning in the instructions.

    How can I submit articles for approval?


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