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Just a short opening post from myself Online Trader

I have have been around betting/trading blogs for quite a while now, sickness I ran Lay Away for a Profitable Day for a while and have recently been blogging on my favorite betting forum OLBG where I have been an active member since 2007.

I have known Marc Owen Banks and the other authors for some time now and am delighted that Marc has come up with this concept where a group of like minded punters/traders can put down their thoughts about a very diverse range of sports.

My personal area will not be a P&L type of blog but I will of course shout from the rooftops when I come up with a profitable tip/trade.

With the long winter nights just in front of us why not bookmark us and keep coming back to check out what we have to say.




About Author

The majority of my betting is actually trading as this is an area where I appear to have the most success, my Sports of choice for trading are Football and Horses. Have learnt and continue to learn the art of being patient in the markets waiting for the opportunities to come to you and not betting/trading for the sake of it, there is always another day and another opportunity just around the corner. Hopefully I will be able to pass on some words of wisdom and I am ALWAYS open to receiving some.

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  1. Hello and welcome as well.

    I am jaydubs (johnnnyw on twitter). I will be looking to write about Rugby Union and Cricket which are my two primary loves and also be hoping to look into the 5,6 and 7f handicap sprints.

    Like Online Trader, I have known this group of guys for a few years now and really respect their knowledge on their areas of expertise. I am glad this chance has come about and hopefully we can fill you full of knowledge and make a healthy profit on the journey.

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