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Hofmans Handy US Open Golf Picks


Coming off 3 winners in two weeks, gghofman more accustomed to the bike than to the golf course makes a go at his picks for the up coming US Open Golf. He pointed well in the US Masters and hopes the same can happen for the years second major.

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Firstly I have read through articles, new bits and trusted bloggers and sites I have followed through the year, only 1 in 5 of my picks will be of my own mind I follow those in the know and make informed decisions from that. As a result I have come up with a shortlist of players to pick from which I hope to narrow down.


Dustin Johnson, R.Henley, R.Moore, C.Schwartzel, B.Snedeker, M.Kuchar, W.Simpson, B.Weekley, S.Stalling, M.Thompson, P.Harrington, G.McDowell, J.Rose, R.Palmer, H.Stenson, B.Haas

So my final selections will come from the above. No Woods his price is restrictive and he is not a big fan of the rain which will greet him before the weekend. Rory is a bit the same he likes the nice warm conditions its were he plays his best golf. Mickelson isn’t focused enough for me and it puts me off that he will be back home till Thursday.

Lets rule out a few of the lower prices im unsure of:

Im a huge Kuchar fan but hes 22/1 and im not so sure how he will handle the difficult conditions he owes me nothing and happy go bigger price elsewhere. defending champion Simpson mentioned by some but he would need a lot to go his way and he seemed better set in 2012. McDowell has been metioned by many but skinny now at 22/1 shorter than players I would have much more faith in.

B.Snedeker will be popular as a fine striker of the ball and with a good major record, but hes had back troubles which could well flair up and his price is still bit skinny factoring that in.


Dustin Johnson, R.Henley, R.Moore, C.Schwartzel, B.Weekley, S.Stalling, M.Thompson, P.Harrington, J.Rose, R.Palmer, H.Stenson, B.Haas

Lets see what other reasons I can find to rule out this shortlist remaining. P.Harrington has only just shown recent revival theirs alot more needed for him to get back on the Major trail. I don’t know enough about Stalling to keep him and same applies for Thompson who does have some previous to get fancied for this.

Final Remaining:

D.Johnson, R.Henley, R.Moore, C.Schwartzel, B.Weekley,  J.Rose, R.Palmer, H.Stenson, B.Haas

Really like DJ as hes been close a few times, but theirs a few niggling doubts for me that makes me look elsewhere. Palmer didnt come up on my stat research for this and hes ruled. R.Moore has good driving but he lacks the class of someone who could win a major as his putting can be suspect.

Paddy powers and betvictor go 7 places, and paddy power suprised me with top price on many selections.


Final Picks :

R.Henley 110/1 paddy power (7places)

C.Schwartzel 35/1 paddypowe (7 places on mobile)

J.Rose 28/1 paddypower (7places on mobile)

H.Stenson 70/1 paddypower (7places)

B.Hass 80/1 paddypower (7places on mobile)

B.Weekley 100/1 betvictor (7places)

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