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HorseRaceBase – A Website Review



HorseRaceBase – A Website Review

There are plenty of websites out there offering racing statistics, trends and much more but for me one of the best out there is HorseRaceBase.

The site is run by Chris Bagnall who created the site as a hobby for guidance with his horse racing studies but he then put it out to the public. One thing I like is the fact that he keeps the site advert free, if you go on to the likes of ATR or RacingPost you will be bothered by adverts on nearly every single page in their attempts for bookmaker signups!

The reason that HorseRaceBase remains advert free is due to a Monthly Donation system which covers the running of the site and further development.

So what does HorseRaceBase offer?

To go through everything that the site offers would result in a very large post! You get your daily racecards which are usually up by 3.30pm the previous day, in the cards you can view each runners career results and also view the ‘Profile’ section which highlights the factors for that days runs, you can see how the runner has performed at the track, at similar tracks, over the trip and on the ground and much more!

You have ratings, you have Jockey and Trainer reports, Official Rating and Weight reports as well as Odds Tracker! You also have a feature called ‘Stat Attack‘ where you can filter through all of the days runners by factors.

That is just the daily functions, you also have a Results section where you can search old results but my favourite is the ‘Research’ area.

What’s this Research area?

This is where the magic happens! Within this section you have a ‘System Builder‘ along with a ‘Ratings Machine‘ and then you have the ‘Big Race Trends‘ and this is the area where I spend the majority of my time. The system builder is fantastic, there is so much data that you can filter through and then the trend is also superb and some I tend to use with the system builder.

Once you get the hang of the system builder you will lose hours playing around with it, there are endless opportunities with, so many different factors that you can run and once you save a system then each morning you will receive an email with the qualifiers or you can visit the site for these too along with performance data over certain time lengths.

The Rating Machine is not really something I have properly had a good look at yet, you can create a set ratings based on factors which you can then use on the daily basis to get a rating for each runner in a race.

So what is this going to set me back?

Well first of all I would never recommend a site that does not offer you a FREE TRIAL first of all and that is exactly what HorseRaceBase offers you! A FREE 3 day trial where you will have access to all facilities so you can then get a real feel for the site, I would suggest have a look at the system builder and I will apologise now for you getting hooked!

If you feel the site is something that will be an aid to you then after the 3 day trial then you can donate to continue with full access and this is what you get dependent on your account level..


I have not even covered a fraction of what is available on the site, so why not take up the FREE 3 day trial and have a look for yourself, there are no obligations, no credit card/bank card etc needed to sign up, just a hassle free sign up! This is not an affiliate program which we are looking to benefit from, this is just purely a great site which I felt deserved a bit more exposure and if we can do that then great!

The guys behind the scene are also very helpful, I have asked to a couple of new features and both have been added, they value there members so head over to HorseRaceBase and get yourself signed up for the free trial.

About Author

I have been in the betting game for getting on 10 years now, I was a late comer in the betting scene, never really showed much interest in the first 20 years of my life but then I came across a betting website and that all changed. I have learnt a vast amount over the last 5 years, I used to believe I could pick the winner in every race before I realised I could not and began selective betting which is the only way forward. I mainly stick with the horses but do occasionally stray off to bet on the footie or speedway. I am now 35 years old, born and bred in Ipswich and still here and forever a Tractorboy, work part time for a Cash & Carry and have a dog named Dave! That’s about it from me.

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  1. darylrogerson on

    Can only express similar views to Andy on HorseRaceBase. It’s a fantastic site to use and offers very good value against other services, whilst providing enough detail and information to satisfy even the biggest stat lovers.

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