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Horseracing: Jennifer O’Sullivan Photography


Equine Photography at its very best!
from Jennifer O’Sullivan

This article is long overdue on SBB Columns, although it now ties in nicely with the refurbishment of the site and the synergies in respect of quality we want to provide you, the reader, with. I have for some time been a fan of Jennifer O’Sullivans work as a photographer particularly in the equine field. I don’t remember how I actually discovered her work, but it was on facebook when a single photograph of a horse caught my attention to such a degree, the image held me spellbound for longer than a photograph should normally do.

We have used some of Jennifers work on SBB in the past as featured images, which she has kindly agreed to and so good is what she creates I felt obliged to bring her work to an audience who may yet to have discovered it. I am not a particular fan of art, performing arts maybe the exception, nor photography for any more than pleasure when capturing something quite well with the general family digital pocket-sized camera but in Jennifers Work I have seen so much more.

Each image seems to have so much action, a story; they speak! To say what Jennifer produces is wonderful photographs would be a descriptive injustice and I urge anyone who should read this article to take a visit to her facebook albums to witness for themselves the quality and see just what it is that has grabbed my support. Hey, I’ll even go as far as to say I am a Jennifer O’Sullivan fan now.

A Short Jennifer O’Sullivan Biography

Jennifer O’Sullivan is one of Ireland’s leading photographers. She is widely published and particularly well known for her work in the horse racing industry. Her greatest acclaim has been through her work in horse racing and other equine sports, where she has received national and international media coverage. She is proud to have been invited to the recent 2012 Horse Racing Ireland awards in recognition of her contributions to the sport. A number of well-known Irish and British artists such as John Fitzgerald and Gina Hawkshaw have used her work as the basis for their paintings.

Jennifer was born in the United States and grew up in Australia. She moved to Ireland early in her career and received her Science degree from the Waterford Institute of Technology. She currently lives on the Waterford/Tipperary border with her husband Colm and son Daniel.

There are thousands of photo’s to be seen on the facebook albums, or indeed, why not visit Jennifer O’Sullivan Photography and see what else she can do.

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