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‘It Can Be Done’ by Kevin Blake – A Book Review


It Can Be Done by Kevin Blake

Exposing the myth that all horse racing punters are destined to lose!

Betting on horses? The bookies always come out on top don’t they?

This is a review of ‘It Can Be Done’ by Kevin Blake who is a racing journalist for both At The Races and The Irish Field, and where Kevin (@kevinblake2011) gives us the ins and outs of his year of punting on Irish Flat racing in 2013. Firstly. I think it only right to start at the beginning, Kevin was not born into a racing family but decided he wanted to go to learn to become a journalist and work his way into the game through that door.

It Can Be Done by Kevin BlakeHe worked at Timeform and the Irish field Racing Post, but he also had a 18 month spell as an assistant trainer to Jeremy Gask, a medium-size Flat trainer so he knows the game inside and out. While still at college, Kevin was making regular profits from his punting then when working at Timeform and then as an assistant trainer, his punting really started to take off.

To punt successfully Kevin says you must be disciplined and have a edge to your betting – for example, Kevin points out that he likes low grade Irish handicaps were you can pick out a weak favourite. Also, the races will mostly be three year olds. In the book Kevin shows you how he punts e.g £1000 every bet with Ladbrokes – he leaves nothing to chance and his attention to detail is everything, ‘hard graft’ as he calls it.

The ground, the trip, the weight, trainer form, jockey, track, last time out run, analysing all this data is very time consuming and Kevin states he watches lots of races on sky+ so when everything is in his favour, he’ll place a bet.

Now Kevin has proofed all his bets to the Irish Field and I don’t want to say too much and ruin the book for some but let’s say he shows that if you do the right things then it’s possible to make money at this game although he freely admits it’s very tough.

It Can Be Done by Kevin BlakeI found the book a great read and the way Kevin goes into in-depth analysis about all his bets (winners and losers) is amazing; this book will show you how to get the basics right and then how to go from there. Kevin is very good at what he does, he explains about “Inside Info” and the mistakes he made until he started to win. There’s no doubt we will all have similar stories to Kevin but what comes out of this is just how he has gotten himself ahead of a very tough game.

At the end of the book Kevin states that the punting life is not for everyone and it’ll destroy some along the way. The stress when on a losing run can get to any man but the core of his argument is DISCIPLINE – if you have that and work hard at the basics, learn from your mistakes, and learn to sometimes walk away, Kevin has showed that the way he punts “Can Be Done“.

I have not gone into all of the book as it is only right that I don’t tell all and go on for a long time, I think I have the inside of the book covered here , it is only left for me to say we at SBB Columns recommend you buy this book, about a year in the life of a winning punter.

If you wish to purchase a copy of ‘It Can Be Done” by Kevin Blake then you can do so on The Irish Field’s online store or contact them by email.

Website: The Irish Field – Online Store

Email: [email protected]

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I follow NH racing and I'm lucky enough to make it pay, racing consumes my day and I can study for hours, I'm really a racing nut I'm a regular racegoer and I own a share in a young nh horse with a well known trainer. I'm 47 yrs old and married for 18yrs with 4 children, I like boxing, reading and a lot of TV.


  1. Stephen Veasey on

    Who can get 1000 of anything (euros or pounds) on with Ladbrokes if you are a winning punter? They shut you down if you end up 50 pence up after a month.. he can’t be getting 1000 on in one go..

  2. hi trevor,
    I know the reprint is the book should be back in stock now @irish field?..if you contact kevin on twitter @kevinblake2011, he will reply I promise you.its a great book as its gone for a reprint tells you all you need to know..hope you enjoy mate..if you don’t get any joy get back to me..i will get you a copy..

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