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Legendary Racing Horses in History


Men have been taming horses, drug since the dawn of the ages for several of reasons. Horses were not only ridden, but were also used to drag human burden from one place to another and even for drawing water out of wells. But a few of us might not be aware of the fact that horses played more role than that of a beast of burden in our society.

Horse racing and betting on their outcome has been an important part of human life style that is still viewed as an engaging sport, and the event is conducted worldwide, which attracts a huge number of spectators and sports bettors.

Surprisingly, some horses just like humans have been able to set a milestone in their career period and have successfully become a wonderful chapter of history. This article focuses on the lives of such horses whose achievements are an inspiration even for their masters.

One of such racehorses was, Secretariat, an amazing stallion, which was once popularly titled as Muhammad Ali of all racehorses. As per records, this amazing Thoroughbred race horse is known to have won 16 out of all 21 races that he took part in, and earned a total of $1,316,808 in his career time.

Another such example we need to know about is, Seabird. This amazing race horse when lived, served as a ray of hope to many Americans during their time of great depression. Despite of its short stature, this stallion was able to beat many tougher competitors that it raced against. Its amazing life journey later served as an inspiration for a Hollywood movie, which later was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Black Caviar, a Thoroughbred Australian mare, had won 25 races & was an undisputed queen of the turf who had won over £3.6 million in prize money before taking retirement on 17 April 2013. This Australian mare was trained by Melbourne-based trainer Peter Moody and was named WTRR World Champion Sprinter in four consecutive years 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Just imagine, if these beasts were able to win so much prize money, then wonder how rich they made those who regularly betted on each of their races!

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