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Letstalkcycling Muses

Treatment of riders in particular lady riders

More needs be done for the treatment of cyclists and the ethics of management behaviour. The one I know most of and remember best is the story of Kessiakoff while at Astana, He spent 6 years in World Tour, before leaving cycling for good in 2014 totally hating the profession he loved. He blamed the management culture who continued push him to race when he just wasn’t right.

That was a World Tour rider, and a fairly rare example, but down in lower levels of both men and women’s cycling there is untold amounts of stories just like this in varied forms. But the extreme is on the women’s side, where you can add, sexism, sexual harassment, body shaming, wage issues as a start. This along with level of organization not always being at that expected by the men.

It is my firm belief that cycling needs a governance code for its teams. This would include a HR contact (happy for this to be a team share), minimum female staff, wage guarantees through the UCI and importantly a contract system through the UCI. I will go into more detail at another time but UCI needs to be more involved because at the wage levels down at low levels agents are not involved. This would be a starting point to then working on team budgets, and ensuring teams don’t stretch beyond the possible. Teams like Sunweb, Orica and  now Movistar can be but for the good, bringing fully professional world tour standards to women’s cycling.

Most of this feeds from this long form piece on research inside women’s cycling. And lets avoid the whole you’re a man so you can’t understand, we can at least try and show empathy for their issues irrespective of sex. -the-legacy-of-sexism-and-abuse-in-womens-cycling_454564


Israel Cycling Academy

The anticipated Giro wildcard came, how could it not. The Israeli riders on the roster will be a mixed bunch but they have just 5 on the roster, although there are some Jewish riders who would obviously identify. But they have signed three really key men who should all go to the Giro. Hermans with GC ambitions, Sbaragli as the Italian and Enger who got a 2nd to Degenkolb already. Plaza is also an old head and surely will be a road captain.

Overall on the project, I think it does a lot of good, and as result I’m willing to take a little bit of the bad that will always come with anything associated with Israel. And rumour was that they would replace the loss of their Muslim Turk rider with an African rider to continue goal of diversity in the team.

Armstrong now getting our pity

The UCI and Lappartient have being quiet childish with how they dealt with RVV’s invite for Armstrong to attend the race. Behind closed doors their should have been meetings to point to which rules are being broken and previous examples of these rules being enforced. Instead it seems we just got points score and mud slinging first from the UCI and back from RVV.


To be honest I destest how Armstrong acted during his career, but he is being made a scape goat for doping in cycling. He was just the best at it, but he certainly didn’t invent the means or method. And we see many who did those very same things yet are never shunned to this level. Some of them even follow the Tour de France throwing out the most ironic of accusations to suspect riders.

Holdsworth welcome back

In past weeks Holdsworth re entered pro cycling launching an iconic Orange and Blue frame and the Yorkshire based team. The team is still filling out details but it has provided some sort of income and a team for 11 riders, most of whom had lost rides from last year and two An Post riders kept themselves in the pro ranks for this year.

Over next few weeks I am due a big rant on team sizes and wildcard invites, but I think it’s a longer piece that may be mostly on its own. Currently supply is outweighing demand heavily with a very strong PCT roster of teams. Given the improved coverage in San Juan this year, the calls will surely come to establish a World Tour race in South America, infrastructure is not an issue and it will provide a good start to match with Tour Down Under. This comes hand in hand with viewing how the World Tour would operate in Africa and South East Asia.

Lastly I will leave you with bit more about the Aqua Blue single chain ring setup on their 3T

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