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Pre Race Trading A Must Follow Blog


For any traders out there who are thinking about or just starting out in the pre the off horse racing markets there is a Blog that you really need to follow:

Its A Mugs Game who is a regular poster on the Bet Angel forum has started to run a Blog (Sorry I don’t know his real name).

The Blog contains videos of his trading activities, “warts and all”, there is no hidden agenda and he shows both winning and losing trades, he gives away a lot of extremely useful information and points traders in the right direction to making this extremely tough form of trading pay.

He gives basic advise on how to trade on the Blog starting from the very 1st steps.

He also gives out some advised Back to Lay and Lay to Back trades each day, giving precise entry points and stop losses.

Whilst he doesn’t give away his secrets as to how he picks his selections and nobody can blame him for that, he does give some very firm indicators as to what sort of races to trade in and what to look for in the markets before getting involved.

His Blog can be found HERE and he is also worth following on Twitter @Itsamugsgame




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The majority of my betting is actually trading as this is an area where I appear to have the most success, my Sports of choice for trading are Football and Horses. Have learnt and continue to learn the art of being patient in the markets waiting for the opportunities to come to you and not betting/trading for the sake of it, there is always another day and another opportunity just around the corner. Hopefully I will be able to pass on some words of wisdom and I am ALWAYS open to receiving some.

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