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Guest Post: Preparing For The Melbourne Cup 


The Flemington racecourse in Victoria will be the cynosure of all eyes on the first Tuesday of November, pharmacy 2014. It will be the day when the coveted Melbourne Cup racing events will take place. Before getting into the thick of this event, nurse it would not be a bad idea to have some understanding about the history of the famous Melbourne Cup. The first event of this cup took place in 1861 and it is more than 150 years old. When the cup was first started it was quite possible that none would have envisaged that the event would continue the journey this far.


The First Melbourne Cup

The first event took place with a crowd of 4000 spectators cheering their favorite horses. Archer was the first horse which walked away with the winner’s cup some 150 years ago. It would also be pertinent to mention here that till 1874 the Melbourne Cup was held on the first Thursday of each year. It was changed to first Tuesday of every November from the year 1875. Since then it has remained the same way. During the First World War, prostate for three out of five years, the event was held on Saturday instead of Tuesday.

How To Watch The Event



Melbourne cup

While buying a ticket for the event would be the best way to watch the event, getting a ticket could be quite difficult to say the least. Hence the next best option would be to watch it live on TV. There is little doubt that the first Tuesday of November 2014 would see millions of horse racing enthusiasts glued to their TV sets. One can also watch the events online because there will be a live streaming of the race in almost all major online sites including Gizmodo.


Why So Much Interest Around The Melbourne Cup


There is little doubt that this racing event is considered to be one of the most important sporting events in Australia. It therefore evinces a lot of interest and it would not be wrong to state that the country grinds to an almost complete halt when the event occurs. The punters from across the country will certainly hold their breath when their favorite horses will fight it out for honors covering a distance of 3200 meters. The first race in 1861 had a prize of pound sterling 170 for the winner. However, one would be amazed to note that in 2012 the winner Green Moon walked away with a first prize of a whopping $.3.3 million. The prize money this year would be substantially higher than that of 2012.


Green Moon

A Look At The Field For Melbourne Cup 2014


This years’ Melbourne cup event would be restricted to just 24 horses. Further there are no provisions for emergencies. However, the number of nominations that are likely to be received for the event would be much more than 24. The final list will be announced on the Saturday previous to the event. This is another important day because punters would be keen on knowing the final list so that they can bet on the horses who they consider favorites. It would also be pertinent to mention here that winners of a few select races are not allowed to participate in the event.

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