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The Thoughts of Letstalkcycling


The Thoughts of Letstalkcycling

Welcome back, the wheels of the bike are turning as is the cycling season.

Rider Welfare

Extreme conditions reared its head down under, it was well dealt with, but there is still an argument that the riders need a proper union, currently the riders just have certain riders represent their interests. For Adelaide it is not a huge issue to shorten courses if needed, the value to this race is keeping teams happy and the buzz in week before and around the race as much as the race itself. The question is still for the world tour jewels in the crown, how willing are they to adjust or change based on weather. I’d reckon not all races have a full laid out plan B if the worse happens. I know for fact it divides fans whenever a mountains get cancelled, some will question the decision till last minute, and if the conditions do improve in the end, they will rage at what they term “overreactions” or “in the 1980’s they would have gone over that”.

Fact is we aren’t in the 1980s anymore, we don’t ride steel, we have a range of clip in pedals, and our technology arguments are now about disc brakes and electronic shifting. And we now don’t smoke in the office or pretty much anywhere for that matter. Rider health and safety matters a lot.

Cycling Tattoo’s

Man that Sagan tattoo is bad, and he’s got another on his chest, making tattoo based bets is a dangerous path my friend. Least it stops us ever talking about Chavanels woeful calf tattoo. Mind you he has instead bleached his hair blonde for 2018. I will start some twitter discussion on other awful tattoos in the peloton. I’m sure we could pick a few from the king of ink “Pozzatto”

Racing is back

So the Tour Down Under is a slow burn, but TV coverage feeds us addicts. San Luis will follow as we take to twitter to absorb every little update. Then finally next month it really kicks into gear. Early feelings are that tv coverage will increase, races feel its key to get coverage of an hour or two each day to really grab sponsors and local governments on board. Mind you the Tour of Oman still doesn’t feel its an expense worth having.

At this stage there is still a few races in questions over funding requirements, but early sounds are that we might see some new tv races added on 2017. The Benelux reason has been superb in providing us random mid-week racing in peak months so kudos to Eurosport picking those up.

Cycling Commentators

We all have differing opinions. Some warm lively to the charms of Carlton Kirby, some detest him. I can take him or leave him. But I have to say the style of Rob Hatch is one I can get on board with. He sticks to the key skills of the lead commentator, knowing names, multiple languages, keeping it interesting, spotting riders, and making the best use of his co comm and guests. In this he thrives and their seems to be a strong bond between him and Kelly who is at his best when made feel like he is just among a friend talking the great world of cycling.  For smaller races the likes of Matt Stephens has done well better able represent the challenges of the lesser one day races. Although advice to all you can never do enough research of possible Pro Con stars likely to show their best.

Bikes of the Peloton

We have the Jersey debate but what about the bike debate. In 2018 I  got lucky to see the bikes and kits up close, including the time trial kit. The way the season works a lot teams will still be on mostly 2017 kit with 2018 updates waiting back in Europe. A really fashion fussy might frown at some of the kits never mind when combined with the frame between the legs. And the long debate of time trial frames and the huge differences in brands. For example Irish rider Ryan Mullen is expecting huge marginal gains (yes actual non sky type ones), as he switches from Cannondale to Trek

And last but not least

Can we just have contracts run from December 1st. It really is a joke that preseason camps happen but riders can’t be seen in photos with new kit or bike until the 1st Jan? Sort it out lads, no more preseason outfit nonsense.

On Another note their is also the current whereabouts court case, lets see how it goes, my hope is that the EU looks at the big picture of the system

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