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Tour of Oman 2016 Cycling Preview


Tour Of Oman 2016 Cycling Preview

Tour of Oman kicks off for its 7th edition and its a race with its place but a strange regime is still deciding if it wishes to continue past 2016. Lack of live tv coverage holds it back quoted as a cost issue, but most likely a political issue.

6 stages in all with stage 4 most often a key decider in the overall battle. 2 of the last 3 winners won on Green Mountain and the one that didn’t Froome won a tricky stage the next day. 2012 was unusual as Peter Velits grabbed victory and Nibali won Green mountain but race pace seemed easier that year.

Valls is not back as his team have not entered, Tejay 2nd last year does not race here, Porte has been sent. Valverde and Movistar also opt out, with the Spanish economy picking up a few races have taken back their thunder with live tv coverage a big driver for teams.


Tour of Oman 2015 GC

Last years GC look tells you that it dropped off quiet bit from 4th with less reknowned GC riders getting involved, like Hermans and the ever improving Konrad. Stage 1 and two could break apart, three looks rather strange and likely is for sprinters. Stage 4 is the green mountain stage a big one and its a nice finish. Stage 5 has seen some hill repeats it should break up enough. Just 9 world tour teams have turned out so its not exactly full hog of teams. Green mountain looks to be a little longer this year which makes it all the more interesting.

Porte is the favourite based on how well he looked on his showing in the Tour Down Under. Porte has only ridden this race in 2013 so he will be a little less familiar with the routes and climbs. Nibali has won on Green Mountain before but last year he showed last season sometimes he can ease off in the early season when less concerned. Martin won a stage in Valencia but as an overall rider he has always felt to me like he might have the bad day to cost him.  Rui Costa and Bardet are both likely to get involved and are so different in there styles. Dumoulin is here but he is sticking to time trials as his strength for now.

Sepulveda came in sandwiched between Quintana’s in San Luis, could he build on that here. The extended Green mountain should suit Pozzovivo he could live with Porte who we know is not as letehl as Froome can be in past Omans. I much prefer his odds to Martin or Nibali. Sepulveda is a little big that I couldn’t live him alone he looked really good in San Luis. He has always been a rider who I felt has under performed but perhaps with his team harbouring bigger ambitions he can thrive. Last a punt on last years top 10 Konrad to strike a Valls here.

Tour of Oman outright:

.66pts Domenco Pozzovivo 12/1 paddys

.2pts Eduardo Sepulveda 28/1 skybet

.1pts Patrick Konrad 150/1 ladbrokes

1pt Konrad to beat Van Rensburg 2.12 pinnacle

1pt Bardet to beat Rui Costa 6/5 bet365

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  1. Stage 1:


    Some late climbs mean this stage has a classic look to it and could very open depeneding on how hard it is raced.

    GVA does not win often enough to deserve the 3/1 favourite for the opening stage.

    .1pt Nathan Haas 33/1 bet365
    .1pt Bobby Jungels 66/1 paddys

    1pt Jungels to beat Martin 2.8 pinnacle.
    1.5pts Dumoulin to beat Guldhammer 5/6 bet365
    1.5pts Nibali to beat Bardet 2.256 pinnacle

  2. Stage 2:
    Back of net with Jungles 66/1 although stake where small we move onto a stage where uphill finishers will thrive, the finish comes in at around 2.8km at 6.5%.. Been less steep im throwing my hate in Boasson Hagen to continue his strong season.

    .2pt R.Bardet 12/1 ladbrokes
    .1pt E.Boasson Hagen 12/1 bet365

    2pts Rebellin to beat Jungels 8/11 betfair
    1pt Boasson Hagen to beat GVA 2.45 pinnacle
    1.25pts Bardet to beat Rui Costa 2.06 pinnacle
    .5pts Martin to beat DUmoulin 2.24 pinnacle

  3. Stage 3:
    Firstly thanks for views guys, If views keep up I will expand little on my picks to help people decide. Stage 2 went well despite limited stakes as we hit another stage winner and took a 3 from 4 on the match bets with only half pt win on Martin letting us down. Opposing Jungles proved very fruitful he popped has long way to go considering boassen Hagen survived and won and the pack was still 20 strong when he broke.
    The racing has looked good pity about lack of live coverage but least its being interesting racing and certainly the terrain of Oman is superior to Dubai or Qatar.
    Stage 3 is limited its a climb early days but then its a quick downhill for the rest of the day.Sprinter to contest. Kristoff is a max 1.7 he was superb but he has shown he is beatable at times.Bennett is not a bet at most books but paddys go 10/1+ on Irish man so he slips into my bets. Watch out to see if Jans can keep thriving but little outside shout for the race leader to continue his dominance small bet based on fact day 2 will certainly have sapped him.
    .25pts Sam Bennett 11/1 paddys
    .1pt Edward Boassen Hagen 20/1 ladbrokes

    2pt Bennett to Guardini 8/11 bet365
    1.5pts Bennett to beat Hofland 6/5 paddys
    2pts Looij to beat Ciolek 10/11 betfair
    1pt Jans to beat Hofland 1.94 pinnacle

  4. Stage 4:
    The day on Green mountain this is a proper climb no hiding place for the weak. Mixed bag today as Hofland was 2nd which did not go the way we wanted. My bets are very much based on my thoughts from the off.

    .3pts Pozzovivo 9/2 paddys
    .1ptSepulveda 22/1 bet365
    .05pts P.Konrad 125/1 bet365

    2pts Rebellin to beat Brambilla 4/7 bet365

  5. stage 6:
    Skipped stage 5 as other commitments came up. Drucker was 5th in the sprint stage and at 50/1 and with more miles in legs he might just go closer.

    .1pt e/w JP Drucker 50/1 bet365
    .5pts Drucker to beat Waeytens 4/7 bet365
    .5pts Jans to beat Hofland 5/4 bet365

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