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Tour Of Poland 2014 Preview


Tour Of Poland 2014  Preview

With a limited time line and information late to come out my preview of the Tour Of Poland will be a brief one. It begins quiet gradually from Gdansk with the days fairly easy going. The final 3 days are were it gets going. The first testing day is 190km with 4 climbs above 1, ailment 000m and a mountain finish too. The next day is hill repeats for the riders 174km over a very hilly circuit sure to make things interesting (see below) A 25km time trial provides a final test for the riders and one long enough to have a few time gaps and changes in the overall. The profile seems to mean a good time trialist could limit any losses and take enough in a time trial.

Tour Of Poland key stage

The 8 man teams have been restored I would have liked to see them compromise and go maybe 7 men teams after the 6 of last year made it so hard for any one to control. Majka the local boy is favourite he is a strong climber no doubt but I question how suitable this profile is and the fact he has long flat days to hang on in before he gets to the juicy stuff, help he might make a mistake before then and also the time trial would not be his strongest point.

OPQS have a nice squad here and off them Poels has shown the most this season at times to be worth siding with at 20s. We have seen some good form by Formolo in the latest part of the season including a 2nd to Nibali in the Nationals, prostate he is more a reach but at 40/1 worth a small investment. There is some talent in this field but a few questions to how they come into this. I came close to pulling the trigger on Jungels to go well here.

Stage 1 Bets and other stages will be in the comments below.

Tour of Poland Bets:

.2pts Wouter Poels 20/1 Bwin

.1pt Davide Formolo 40/1 bet365

Tour Of Poland Match Bets:

1pts Jungels to beat Zakarin 1.85

2pts Kislerovski to beat Zaugg 1.63 pinnacle

2pts Velits to beat Siutsou 4/5 hills


Tour of Poland Stage 1:

.5pts Mezgec 6.17 pinnacle

1pt Gatto to beat De Valle 13/8 bet365

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  1. Tour of Poland Stage 2:

    It was a messy Opening stage and Poels got caught out with 5km to go losing him some time which is a pity. Big name Aru is out of contention and Jungels lost over a minutes, on plus side Formolo looked very street wise. Mezgec didn’t have his chance to sprint.

    .5pts Lucas Mezgec 8.33 pinnacle
    .25pts Sacha Modol 8/1 bet365

    Weening to beat Majka 13/8 bet365

  2. Tour of Poland Stage 3:

    One more sprint in Poland before we will start to see the field blown up. The final 3km of the day are ever so slightly uphill and after todays best of the rest Matthews will be a popular choice for victory.Mezgec has had no luck so far can things fall better for a quality rider with a very good support train. Poland loves laps and the 6km loop will mean the riders pass the finish line once something I think works very well for crowds and the safety of a sprint.

    Can Bos finally reward his teams faith and do what his team mate Hofland could do in Utah. Vallee of Lotto has been in the top 10 both days so is worth watching out for. Maes of OPQS has been 6th each day so should be on the watch list. Is Modolo feeling the effects of the day 1 tumbles he was absent on stage 2.

    .1pt Boris Vallee 40/1 bet365
    .2pts Lucas Mezgec 6.87 pinnacle

    1.5pt Boris Vallee to beat Boivin 2.03 pinnacle
    3pts Matthews to beat Hutarovich 4/6 hills
    1pt Weening to beat Niemiec 1.943 pinnacle

  3. Tour Of Poland Stage 4:
    Matthews and Vallee proved winning bets with Weening falling short in his match up. Racing has been fun in Poland breaks are making it interesting and the laps have lead to some good crowds and sponsorship is out in force on the route. Mezgec lost his top gear and was beaten by a top of his game Bos a pity at the prices backed


    Mezgec will be all popular after todays solid sprint as will Bos who stuck in well. Organisers have this classed as a more testing stage but bar one minor climb it seems bumpy rather than hilly. Matthews was 3rd but never had it to come past those two fast men while Modolo went first and a little early.

    1pt Luca Mezgec 4/1 paddys
    .25pts Sacha Modolo 9.43 pinnacle
    .1pt David Appollonio 125/1 bet365

    1pt Bos to beat Matthews 2.49 pinnacle
    2pts Appollonio to beat Ferrari 1.95 pinnacle

  4. Stage 5:

    Mezgec should have really grabbed a win but tactics were a let down really in the end.


    Formolo is a top stand out for me in this race. Weening can be a let down sometimes but really this route really looks like it could suit him. Barguil we know can win it could be a chance for him to step up again. Amador and Caruso provide outsider value for this open stage.

    .2pts David Formolo 16/1 bet365
    .2pts Pieter Weening 16/1 bet365
    .1pt Warren Barguil 33/1 bet365
    .1pt Andrei Amador 40/1 bet365

    1.5pts Barguil to beat Nerz 8/11 bet365
    2ptsDavide Formolo to beat Damieno Caruso 1.69 pinnacle
    1pt henao to beat Deignan 2.3 pinnacle
    .1pt Gianpaulo Caruso 66/1 betvictor

  5. Stage 6:
    Close on day before Formol and Weening as well as Barguil got involved and Amador was also part of a Movistar move that needed more action. 2 from 3 on the match bets.

    Onto stage 6 which has some steeper climbing. Some good points made to back Ion Izaguirre to win the race out at 6/1.


    The stage is relentless with barely a flat spot all day.The climbing invovled is not too steep with some very short pitches to worry about. 3km out they hit a 8% spot before it eases off for 2km

    .2pts Ion Izaguirre 16/1 bet365
    .1pt Andrei Amador 40/1 betvic
    .1pt Gianpalo Caruso 66/1 betvic

    1.5pts niemiec to beat weening 2.05 pinnacle
    2pts poels to beat peter velits 1.6 pinnacle
    2pts Bouet to beat Riblon 11/8 bet365
    1pt Henao to beat Edmondson 8/13 bet365

  6. Stage 7

    Majka once again put on a poker face and was too strong for the field, tip Izaguirre in behind fighting for 2nd with his team mate was a very strange situation. Our match bets proved strong only Bouet let us down so 3 from 4.

    Moving to the time trial test and a huge factor in the GC with the small gaps so far. (top 11 all within a minute) The 25km time trial is pretty flat and offers a chance to someone to maybe upset the GC.

    .3pts Kristoff VanDerWalle 9/1. paddys

    poels to beat nerz 5/6 bet365
    formolo to beat brambilla 11/10 bet365

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