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#WC2014 – England, a great bet for the World Cup


England, a great bet for the World Cup

Searching through over 400 available markets for potential mispricing has proved an arduous task but I have come to the conclusion that the best bet by a mile in terms of value is the obvious one.

Yes, England to finish last in their group looks a standout at the 8/1 offered by Bet365.

The England team looks to be composed of journeymen (Johnson, Jagielka etc.), geriatrics (Lampard, Gerrard) and sicknotes (Rooney, Wilshere) topped off by a dodgy keeper (doesn’t matter who starts – they are all dodgy) and managed by a no nonsense Englishman who would be more suited to a relegation battle than trying to mix it tactically with Johnny Foreigner.

Indeed, having left Andy Carroll behind the option of hoofing it up to the big lad is off the table and thus England will be reduced to getting Steven Gerrard to run straight at them in Charge of the Light Brigade style, unlikely to discommode the supposedly devious, dirty playing Latin opponents who England are drawn against.

Both the last World Cup campaign, where fielding a far superior squad in a group which contained teams which would not trouble the average Championship side they barely qualified in 2nd, and the recent run of results – particularly against Chile, a good but not a great side, would lend support to the premise that England and Costa Rica are locked in a battle for last place.

Bizarrely, England are only 11/8 not to qualify and thus the 8/1 to be last is excellent value for what looks around a 5/2 shot.

In practice after the unlucky single goal defeat by Italy on Saturday (probably 1-0) this will shorten to around 7/2 giving a chance to trade out but probably best to wait until Uruguay beat them 2-0 next Thursday to hedge at around 6/4.

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