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Zipsters System Betting Diary 26th July 2014


Zipsters System Betting Diary 26th July 2014

There has not been any selections for a while, the last one was at the beginning of the week (Mr McLaren) and we had no luck with that, he finished well of the winner. I have been tinkering with the racing systems which may mean less selections but I am hoping for a better strike rate and don’t worry those which have come out as No Bets have not produced too many winners so we are not missing out!

Saturday 26th July Selections

Day Start Bank: £132.84
Stake Per Point: £2.66

Belgium – Waasland-Beveren v Club Brugge (KO: 17:00)
Backing The DRAW – 1pt Win – £2.66 Win at 3.80
Belgium – Cercle Brugge v Gent (KO: 19:00)
Backing The DRAW – 1pt Win – £2.66 Win at 3.60
Belgium – Lierse v Oostende (KO: 19:00)
Backing The DRAW – 1pt Win – £2.66 Win at 3.20
Belgium – Westerlo v Lokeren (KO: 19:00)
Backing The DRAW – 1pt Win – £2.66 Win at 3.40

System Backdated Record: 46-108 (43%) +51.75

No racing selections for Saturday but we do have four football picks, the Belgium league kicked off on Friday and Saturday all four matches come as as one to back the draw, this is a pretty straightforward system, probably one of the most straightforward that I have running but it is short and sweet!

Basically we are looking at home teams who have played no more than 2 games, hence why it is short! You throw in a minimum home odds filter along with a Minimum and Maximum draw filter and those factors alone give you a profit for every season going back to 2009 when backing the draw and for a ROI of 48% which in terms of football is superb, I look for anything 25%+ so this is well above that number!

One draw from the four matches would almost break even so we are looking for 2+ draws, 4 would be nice 🙂

With the Belgium league kicking off we now have Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Belgium all in action for the leagues which I cover and Germany and France kick off next week too so plenty of football coming this way!

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