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Zipster’s Weekend Speedway Blog (15th June)


Zipster’s Weekend Speedway Blog

Speedway Grand Prix of Poland

I have left the last few speedway GP’s alone as I have not felt any confidence in making selections in them but this one looks to have opportunities so it is time to get back involved.

I guess the main question is can anyone stop Emil Sayfutdinov who is absolutely flying at the moment, website like this he did not have the best of starts with him picking up just 6pts in New Zealand (11th) but since then he has at times been unracable, winner of the European, Swedish and British GPs and also making the final of the Czech GP the man is on a mission to make up for an injury hit career in the GP thus far so can he be stopped here in Poland this weekend.

I will give you some figures here about GP’s rides that Emil has had in Poland, in last year’s event he could only manage a 7th place finish and recorded just one heat win, 2011 he finished 11th and failed to win a heat and in 2009 he finished 10th with one heat win. So in the Polish GP is has ridden in 15 heats and has recorded just 2 heat wins although only last year’s event was held at this venue but still he seems to struggle in Poland. Is he better this year? Yes he has come on this year and is more consistent but is he backable in a country that he has struggled in the past.

The old guard have been struggling this year, the youngsters like Emil and Tai have really stepped up their game, Nicki Pedersen has made three finals this year but has failed to win one yet, Gollob and Hancock have both been fairly poor although all three of those still sit in the top 8! Chris Holder has been so inconsistent this year, he has been 8th, 7th, 2nd, 9th & 5th and I was somewhat surprised that he was sitting as high as 4th in the standings and only 15 points off Emil at the front.

Holder recorded three wins at the British GP but went out in the first semi-final but still ended up collecting 14pts for the night and for me he is starting to show signs that he is ready to push on to close the gap at the top and he was runner up in this GP last year, from his seven rides he won two heats and was runner up in four of them and did not fail to pick up a point in any of them.

Emil is flying at the moment and if he went on to win this GP then it would not come as much of a surprise but his poor results in the past in the Polish GP means I am going to oppose him, Holder looked much better in Cardiff and signs of a turn in form were there and he is coming to a track that he rode well at last year so for me I shall be taking Chris Holder to win the Polish GP at 7/1 (Bet365).

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I have been in the betting game for getting on 10 years now, I was a late comer in the betting scene, never really showed much interest in the first 20 years of my life but then I came across a betting website and that all changed. I have learnt a vast amount over the last 5 years, I used to believe I could pick the winner in every race before I realised I could not and began selective betting which is the only way forward. I mainly stick with the horses but do occasionally stray off to bet on the footie or speedway. I am now 35 years old, born and bred in Ipswich and still here and forever a Tractorboy, work part time for a Cash & Carry and have a dog named Dave! That’s about it from me.

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  1. Close but no cigar tonight! Holder made the semi’s and then just about scrapped through to the final where he made a great start but did not take the first corner well which allowed Hampel through and there was no catching him.

    Final Result.
    1st – Jarek Hampel
    2nd – Chris Holder
    3rd – Tai Woffinden
    4th – Greg Hancock

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